Speaking up for residents

Councillors are elected to represent the views of their local residents and the interests of Buckinghamshire as a whole. One way in which councillors do this is through voicing issues that affect local people to government in order to make sure that decisions take full account of the best interests of the county.

We are also at the forefront of the campaign against High Speed 2 (HS2) through 51m, a group of 18 local authorities opposed to the rail project.

Another way in which we seeks to protect Buckinghamshire’s interests is through responding to government calls for evidence and responding to consultations. It is important that we do this to put forward the perspective of residents and to protect services where possible. Some examples of our responses include


Calls for evidence


Consultation responses 

Subject Recipient Date of Submission Overview of response Outcome
Draft Care and Support Bill Department of Health October 2012

The Council fully agree with the commitment to prevention and broader wellbeing agenda. However the draft Bill was unclear on how this will be resourced in a climate where this is no clarity around Dilnot and how this will be funded.

 The Council’s response is very much in line with that of the Local Government Association (LGA).

New Homes Bonus Department of Communities and Local Government September 2013

New Homes Bonus- South East Councils retain £14m to invest in schools and roads


Proposal to Authorise Motor Sport Events on Public Roads

Department for Culture, Media and Sport  April 2014 Detailed response not available. Several references to the County Council’s agreement with the proposals throughout the government’s consultation response.



Subject Recipient Date of Submission Summary of Submission
Early investment in our road infrastructure is key to economic growth Secretary of State for Transport 18 July 2013

The County Council, as a member of South East Strategic Leaders, is called on Government to bring forward its spending plans and invest in the South East roads network now to unlock economic opportunities, create jobs and reduce the cost of maintenance over the longer term.


Payday loans

HM Treasury November 2013

The Council called upon the Government to introduce further, appropriate controls to prevent inappropriate controls to prevent inappropriate use and promotion of short term loans, particularly to the most vulnerable.


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