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Digital strategy

2. Vision, principles and objectives


Digital services so good, people prefer to use them

Guiding principles

This vision is supported by five guiding principles

  1.  Everything starts with user need
  2. We learn more by showing what it looks like, rather than telling people what it might do
  3. We work hard to make things simple for our users
  4. Our services will be constantly improved in response to data
  5. We make things in the open and make our services open



Objective How we will achieve this How we will measure this
Services redesigned for digital 3-5 digital exemplars to redesign highest volume and most complex services

 Reduction in cost per transaction

Increased customer satisfaction

Technical capabilities to support channel shift Re-use, buy and create technical capabilities to support lower volume services to use digital channels

 Increased digital take-up across all services

Reduction in non digital contact

Skills and roles to deliver constant improvement Dedicated product managers, supported by a bench of digital expertise (user research, developers) working to fortnightly release schedules

Increased digital take-up across all services

Reduction in non digital contact

Trusted, secure services developed cost-effectively We follow the approach of GDS wherever possible; use common government and open source solutions

All new digital services reach the service standard

Council can fund, build and improve services 

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Last updated: 16 January 2017

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