Commissioning Framework

11/8/2021 2:35:24 PM

What is Commissioning?

"Commissioning is the process for deciding how to use the total resources available in order to deliver the outcomes required to meet identified needs in the most efficient, effective, equitable and sustainable way" (Institute of Public Care)

  • Commissioning is a cycle with four areas of equal importance: analyse, plan, do, and review.
  • There are many different activities within commissioning
  • The procurement (purchasing) cycle works in tandem with the commissioning cycle.

What is the Commissioning Framework?

  • It sets out a single overarching model to deliver a Council-wide approach to commissioning
  • Helps officers involved in commissioning activity
  • Complements the Council’s Operating Framework and supports the outcome based focus of our Strategic Plan
  • Approved by Cabinet in Jan 2016 and is formal policy

 What can you find in the Commissioning Framework?

  • Checklist of ‘must dos’
  • Definition of commissioning to promote consistent council-wide language
  • The principles of commissioning
  • Governance and the role of Members
  • Delivering value for Bucks and promoting responsible commissioning

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