Freedom of Information

1. Freedom of Information Act 2000

You have the right to ask any public authority for recorded information it has about any subject.

Before you ask us for information

Check our website

Before asking us for information please check our website to make sure it isn't already there.

If you ask for information that is already available, we will direct you to the relevant page on our website.

Check our frequently requested information

Our frequently requested information includes information we have disclosed recently.

Some types of information are not held by us, but by the local district councils, including information on bin collections, council tax, licensing, pest control, leisure centres, public health funerals and business/commercial rates.

Think about the information you want

Try to be as specific as possible about the information you want. If you are not sure ask us for advice.

If your query relates to a specific school then please note that schools are also public authorities in their own right for the purposes of FOI and so information specifically about schools may be held by them rather than the County Council.

The Information Commissioner has guidance on making a request.

How to ask us for information

Types of information request

You can request the following types of information:

Information about you - This type of request comes under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

Information about other people - These requests may come under several different acts:

If you wish to ask for personal information about another living person, write to us and include:

  • two forms of proof of the person’s identification,
  • a statement, signed by the person, stating that they allow you to act on their behalf.
  • Or, if you have a power of attorney, we will need a copy of that and two forms of identification for you.
  • You can ask for non-confidential information about a person who has died,
  • we may ask you for proof of identity and about your relationship to the deceased.
  • You can ask for confidential information about a person who has died,
  • we will ask you for proof of identity and about your relationship to the deceased,
  • please note that we can only give confidential information to representatives of the person who has died, but it is our decision whether or not to do so.

Other information - These requests come under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000 or the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004.

To ask us for information:

Write to us, including by letter, email or e-form, and include:

  • Your full name.
  • Your home or email address.
  • A description of the information you want - make sure your request is clear and specific otherwise it may be delayed.

We will:

  • tell you if we hold the information you have requested, except in very limited situations
  • tell you if the information will be published in the future
  • tell you if we think a different authority holds the information
  • offer you advice and assistance if appropriate
  • provide you with the information if we hold it and no exemptions apply.

What we won't do:

  • We do not have to create new information or provide an opinion to answer your request.
  • We will generally respond within 20 working days and won't charge for the information unless it is a very large quantity of information (over 50 sheets of hard-copy A4 size paper). Where a fee is charged it will generally relate to the costs of postage and photocopying (we charge 10p per A4 black and white sheet – more for colour, other size items and faxes).

Send us your request

You can make a request by:

The easiest way to make a FOI request is by requesting information online

By emailing:

By writing to the Freedom of Information Officer at:

Buckinghamshire County Council
County Hall
Walton Street
HP20 1UA

Unhappy with our answer?

If you are not happy with our response or anything about the process you can ask for an internal review.

To do this, contact the Freedom of Information Team at:

Buckinghamshire County Council
County Hall
Walton Street
HP20 1UA



Following our internal review you have the right to seek a further evaluation from the Information Commissioner's Office:

Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Telephone: 01625 545 745


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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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