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9/1/2021 1:32:32 PM

Welcome to the Buckinghamshire Council My Account service.

You may access many areas of our website without registering your details with us, however certain areas are only open to you, if you register for My Account.

The terms and conditions that govern material submitted by you to us and your use of our websites (including all Buckinghamshire Council wholly owned company websites and Buckinghamshire Council branded sites and any email notifications and notices) are governed by the terms and conditions set out below.

If you have any queries related to these please contact us.

We may, from time to time, make changes to these terms and conditions. Each time we make a change, we will update the published date so that you can see when changes were made. Any major changes such as those to reflect changes in the law or significant service changes will be posted on our website and notified to you, but please review these terms and conditions regularly.

If you continue to use the Buckinghamshire Council website after the notification of terms and conditions has been read, we will assume you agree to the new terms and conditions. If you do not agree please discontinue using the service.


Updates to terms and conditions

Minor Updates: we will publish a notification of the change on the website page that is relevant to the minor update.

Major Updates: we will use the website Alert function just below the main page header, enabling all visitors to see the update notice.

Terms & Conditions Revision List will be published on our website.


Buckinghamshire Council website

This website is owned and managed by Buckinghamshire Council who are responsible for the information within this site and endeavour to provide up-to-date and accurate information.

While every care has been taken in the compilation of the information, we will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience whatsoever caused as a result of any inaccuracy or error within these website pages.

Links to other websites from these pages are for information only and we accept no responsibility or liability for access to, or the material on, any site which is linked from or to this site. Buckinghamshire Council does not necessarily endorse the views expressed on those external sites.

Buckinghamshire Council makes every effort to virus check information made available for download on this site. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage which may occur from the use of downloaded material. It is recommended that users check all downloaded materials with their own virus check software.


Copyright statement

Logos and artwork

The logos and art work on the Buckinghamshire Council website are the copyright of the information providers and use of these is prohibited without prior authorisation. 


The use of text provided by Buckinghamshire Council is allowed within the Fair Dealing terms of the Copyright and Patents Act 1988 i.e. for research and private purposes. If the text is changed in any way, resulting documents cannot be credited to Buckinghamshire Council. If a commercial or public use is required from any of the pages, please contact us using this online form.

Ordnance Survey maps

Maps are reproduced on the Buckinghamshire Council website with the permission of the Ordnance Survey on behalf of The Controller of HMSO, Crown Copyright. All rights are reserved. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown Copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. When a viewer wishes to reproduce OS material in any way, they will be directly responsible for obtaining prior permission from the Ordnance Survey.


No waiver by us of any breach of these terms shall constitute a waiver of any other prior or subsequent breach and we shall not be affected by any delay, failure or omission to enforce or express forbearance granted in respect of any of your obligations.

These terms are not intended to create and shall not create any rights, entitlements, claims or benefits enforceable by any third party by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

These terms and/or your use of the website shall be governed by and construed in accordance with 3 English law and the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute which may arise.


Buckinghamshire Council registration, online services and data


By registering here and creating your My Account, you can access different services that are offered by us. If a service you wish to use has additional terms and conditions, you will be asked to accept these separately.

You agree that:

  • you will keep your username and password safe and won't share them with anyone.
  • you will not impersonate someone else or create multiple, false accounts.
  • you will maintain your contact and address details with Buckinghamshire Council via your profile on My Account
  • you will not post inappropriate or objectionable content via your profile on My Account

If you suspect any of the above have been compromised please contact us so we can provide assistance, using this online form.

If you register for My Account you are agreeing to receive all correspondence related to the account and services via electronic means.

Unauthorised access to My Account specific account details contravenes the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and may incur criminal penalties as well as damages. Please proceed only if you are an authorised user.

View our privacy notice.


If you breach these or any of our other terms and conditions we reserve the right to close your My Account.

To deactivate your My Account please use the 'I would like to close my account' link in the My Details section of My Account.

Customer feedback

We endeavour to make our Terms clear and in plain English. If you feel we could do better or have a suggestion, please contact us using this online form.


Garden waste collection service terms and conditions

Garden waste will be collected once each fortnight on your allocated day. The day of collection may be affected by bank holidays and exceptional circumstances. Prior notification will be provided where circumstances permit.

We will only empty garden waste bins issued by Buckinghamshire Council, and collection payments must be up to date.

Wheeled bins remain the property of Buckinghamshire Council. The resident is responsible for maintaining the condition of the bin, if the bin becomes faulty it is the responsibility of the resident to report the fault to Buckinghamshire Council promptly.

The service covers 10 months collection between February and November. A charge for the service is payable annually in advance. Buckinghamshire Council reserves the right to vary the collection charge usually on an annual basis. Bins will be reclaimed from any customers who fail to pay for the service. If the bin is not recoverable for any reason, customers must pay for the cost of the bin plus an administration fee.

All garden waste bins must be presented at the edge of the resident’s property for collection by 6.00am on the morning of collection. You must report any missed collection after 6pm on the day the collection was due and within 24 hours. We will endeavour to return and collect any missed bin within two working days.

If the bin is not presented when the crew arrive for collection, they will not return until your next collection is due. No refunds will be issued in these circumstances.

An assisted collection service is available to residents who meet the Buckinghamshire Council’s assisted collection criteria.

Only garden waste must be placed in the bin. All material must be placed loose in the bin and should not be compacted in any way. Garden waste does not include soil, stones or rubble, noxious weeds such as Japanese knotweed, ragwort or giant hogweed, plastic flower pots trays or bags, wood that has been treated or painted, vacuum dust, fire cinders or sawdust, food or kitchen waste including peelings, cat or dog faeces, pet litter or bedding, or cardboard. No plastic of any kind may be put in the bin. Any such items will be treated as contamination.

Contaminated bins will not be emptied. The resident will be notified of the issue and the bin will not be collected until the next collection is due and the contamination is removed. It is the responsibility of the resident to sort the contents of the bin and remove contamination. No refunds will be issued in these circumstances.

Bins that are considered to be too heavy for safe handling and emptying will not be emptied. The bin will 7 not be collected until the next collection is due and the weight of the bin is reduced. It is the responsibility of the resident to sort the contents of the bin and reduce weight. No refunds will be issued in these circumstances.

We will not empty bins that are overflowing or clear any additional green waste placed around or beside the bin. The bin lid must be closed for safety reasons.

Residents participating in the scheme may transfer the service to a new address within Aylesbury Vale should they move property, provided the recycling and waste team at Buckinghamshire Council is notified of the change of address. If you move out of the area you must notify the recycling and waste team and the bin will be collected and returned to Buckinghamshire Council.

Refunds are not available for withdrawing from the scheme part way through the year. Residents wishing to share a bin must register the bin to one property, from which the collection will be made, and make one payment.

We will replace any bin that is damaged whilst being emptied, except where damage is a result of prohibited waste being placed in the container by the resident.

Any bins that become faulty through fair wear and tear will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Residents will be responsible for the cost of replacing any bins that are damaged as a result of their actions.

We will replace the first bin reported as lost or stolen free of charge but may make a charge for the replacement of a further lost or stolen bin.

We reserve the right to vary the service by giving customers advanced notice in writing. In the event of exceptional circumstances, e.g. extreme weather, we reserve the right to vary service standards without notice.


Council tax, benefits and business rates terms and conditions

By accessing your Council Tax, Benefits & Business rates information online, you are automatically agreeing to:

  • accept the terms and conditions listed below
  • receive council tax bills electronically instead of by post

You are responsible for keeping your user name and password secret and safe to prevent unauthorised viewing of your account. If you suspect either of the above have been compromised, you will need to cancel the service and re-apply. Buckinghamshire Council shall take appropriate technical and organisational measures against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data.

Information regarding your last statement is shown at the date the statement was produced and is subject to change. If you have any queries you should contact us.

You are reminded that payments are due as advised on the dates shown.

Although we take steps to ensure our websites and links are virus-free, you are advised to ensure that you have adequate anti-virus protection on your computer.

Access to the service may sometimes be unavailable due to maintenance. It can also be affected by your Internet Service Provider, your dial-up connection and your PC. If you experience connection difficulties you are advised to retry accessing the service.

Payments made through Buckinghamshire Council's Internet payment service will normally be credited to your account up to two business days after they are made online. You should bear this in mind, and also check the exact amount you are paying is correct.

Unauthorised access to Aylesbury Vale My Account to specific account detail level contravenes the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and may incur criminal penalties as well as damages. Please proceed only if you are an authorised user.

Personal data held in respect of your accounts is held in accordance with Data Protection legislation in force.

By using the Aylesbury Vale My Account, you will be deemed to have agreed with Buckinghamshire Council until you otherwise tell Buckinghamshire Council in writing:

  1. that all future demands on you by Buckinghamshire Council for the payment of Council Tax and any information Buckinghamshire Council is required to serve on you with any such demand in respect of the account may be served on you by publication on a web site
  2. that you shall be notified by Buckinghamshire Council of the publication of such demands and information by email
  3. that emails to you will be sent to the email address given by you when you requested online access to the account
  4. you will notify Buckinghamshire Council of any change in your email address (you can do this on you Aylesbury Vale My Account or contact us using this online form)

Updated May 2018 to reflect changes in privacy law resulting from the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). There are no changes to the Terms and Conditions above, but the privacy information is now contained in a separate privacy notice.

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