We have produced a series of 3 short animated videos to help our Scheme members and our Fund Employers to better understand our processes. These short videos are about 2 minutes long and do not include any audio recording. They don't need any special equipment to view and as there is no voiceover, they will not disturb your colleagues if you work in a shared work area.

LGPS retirement process

This 2.5 minute video will help you to understand how retirements are processed by our team. 


Your LGPS annual benefit statement

This 1.5 minute video shows you how to access your online pension account and your LGPS annual benefit statement. We have highlighted what you need to check on your statement and how to access the guidance notes that explain your statement in more detail.



Employer web tour

This 2 minute video takes our Employers on a virtual tour of our webpages. We show our Employers how to access guidance, training and other information on our website.


We need your feedback!

We hope that our Scheme members and Employers find these videos useful and informative.  We are only able to continue producing these short animated videos if you feel that they help you to understand our processes. We need your feedback, so please send any comments to

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