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9. Late retirement

If you carry on working after Normal Pension Age, you will continue to pay into the LGPS and build up further benefits. When you retire you will receive your pension, unless you choose to delay drawing it. You must draw your pension by age 75.

As you will be drawing your pension after your Normal Pension Age your benefits will be paid at an increased rate. Your pension will be increased by 0.010% for each day your benefits are drawn later than your Normal Pension Age. There is also a 0.001% increase on the automatic lump sum for any pre-1 April 2008 membership for each day that lump sum is drawn later than age 65

18 June 2019 update: 

Following a recent MHCLG consultation which closed on 17 April, new late retirement factors and methodology will apply for members taking payment of their benefits after Normal Pension Age. The revised late retirement factors will be effective from 1 September 2019 (NB: may be subject to change). Interested parties can find the consultation document, draft guidance and examples on the scheme consultations page of We will update our Fund News webpage once the details are known.

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'My pension online'  gives you 24 hour access to your LGPS pension record. You can produce your own pension quotes to help you to plan for your retirement. You can check your annual benefit statements, read our guidance notes and update your personal detailsRegister/login to my pension online.

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Last updated: 13 January 2021

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