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10/1/2020 4:09:03 PM

2. Complaints about Pensions

While we aim to do things accurately and within the timescales given, we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong.  

If you feel we have let you down or failed to live up to your expectations, please contact us and we will seek to clarify or put right any misunderstandings or inaccuracies as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will always do our best to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

If you are still dissatisfied with any decision made in relation to the Scheme you have the right to have your complaint independently reviewed under the Internal Disputes Procedure.


LGPS  rules for settling disputes

Our internal dispute resolution procedure guidance can be downloaded below.

Disclaimer: The guide does not cover every aspect and is not an interpretation of the scheme regulations. In the event of any unintentional differences, the scheme regulations will prevail. The guide does not confer any contractual or statutory rights.



Employee's Guide to the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure PDF, 336KB

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Last updated: 1 October 2020

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