Buckinghamshire Pension Board

The Local Government Pension Scheme (Amendment) (Governance) Regulations 2014 set out the requirements for an administering authority to establish a Local Pension Board. The purpose of the Board is to assist the Administering Authority in its role as a scheme manager. This covers all aspects of governance and administration of the LGPS, including funding and investments.

Such assistance is to:

  • secure compliance with the Regulations, any other legislation relating to the governance and administration of the Scheme, and requirements imposed by the Pensions Regulator in relation to the Scheme;
  • to ensure the effective and efficient governance and administration of the Scheme.
  • helping the Administering Authority, including doing work requested by the administering authority.

The Buckinghamshire Pension Board was established in 2015. The Board has 8 voting members. 

At the first meeting the Board elected the Chairman and the Vice Chairman. The Board also adopted its Terms of Reference, Code of Conduct Policy, Conflicts Policy and Knowledge and Understanding Framework. These are provided below.

The Board's meeting minutes and agenda are available at democracy.buckscc.gov.uk


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