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We make sure we provide cost-effective financial services. This includes a £320m net revenue budget and £100m capital programme.

We also pay 13,500 pensioners in the Local Government Pension Scheme and make payments on 235,000 invoices each year.

Our Financial Regulations are part of our constitution and give an outline of how we manage finances.

How we spend your money is tightly controlled by law and fully accountable to both central government and you, the tax payer.

There are 4 stages:

  1. A statement of accounts is produced
  2. A public notice will advise you when you can inspect and make copies of the accounts
  3. Another public notice will advise you when the accounts have been audited by Grant Thornton
  4. Grant Thornton's audit and inspection report is presented to our Regulatory and Audit Committee
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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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