Council structure

2. Lord-Lieutenant

Sir Henry Aubrey-FletcherThe Lord-Lieutenant for Buckinghamshire is Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher. He is also the Chief Magistrate of the County and Chairman of the Advisory Committee.

A Lord-Lieutenant is the Queen's local representative. They are unpaid and administrative support is provided by the council. Each Lord-Lieutenant has a Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Buckinghamshire's is Mr Alexander Boswell. Buckinghamshire also has 33 Deputy Lieutenants.

Duties of the Lord-Lieutenant include:

  • arranging visits by members of the Royal family
  • presenting medals and awards on behalf of Her Majesty
  • participating in civic, voluntary and social activities
  • liaising with local units of Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, Royal Air Force and their associated cadet forces
  • leading the local magistracy by chairing Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace



The office of Lord-Lieutenant started in the military during the reign of Henry VIII. After 1535 there was discontent and rebellion in some parts of the country. To make local forces effective, the Crown commissioned Lieutenants to command the levies of one or more counties in times of emergency.

The Lieutenant was responsible for the maintenance of order and defence. By 1569, Deputy Lieutenants were created, pro rata to population, and continue today.

In 1871 the Regulation of the Forces Act removed the military from the Lord-Lieutenant’s direct control although until 1921 they were able to call on all able bodied men to fight in an emergency.


Contact details

Lieutenancy Office
County Hall
HP20 1UA

Telephone: 01296 382 241

For more information, visit the Buckinghamshire Lieutenancy website.


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Last updated: 9 October 2020

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