Preventing extremism

3. Channel

What is Channel?

Channel is a process to provide support to people at risk of being drawn towards support for or involvement in all forms of terrorism including that which is perpetrated by the extreme far-right. It is a multi-agency process that relies on close collaboration between public sector agencies including Thames Valley Police, the Clinical Commissioning Groups, Youth Offending Service, Mental Health Trust and the Probation Service. The aim of the Channel Panel is to protect and divert individuals away from radicalisation before they have been drawn into terrorism, keeping the individual and the wider community safe. Channel is not specifically aimed at young people but they can be particularly susceptible and therefore vulnerable to being influenced by extremist views.

How does Channel work?

The Channel process identifies those most at risk of radicalisation, and refers them via the police or local authority for assessment by a multi-agency panel. The Channel panel, co-chaired by Thames Valley Police and Buckinghamshire County Council, considers how to best support them through a package tailored to their needs.

How do I make a referral or find out more about Channel?

If you would like to discuss your concerns about a child or adult at risk of radicalisation, find out more about what the Channel Panel does, discuss other issues in relation to the Prevent Duty (including finding out what training is available) please contact the most relevant Prevent lead for your organisation/area. If you would like to make a referral direct to the police or discuss concerns about an individual with the police, please contact Thames Valley Police (details below).

View this leaflet for an overview of how Channel works for professionals.

Concerns about an adult

Safeguarding First Response 137 915

Concerns about a child

First Response 383962

Concerns out of hours adult/child – out of hours

Emergency duty team – 0800 999 7677

Prevent Team at Thames Valley Police

TVP Poster, "Communities Defeat Terrorism" 1750 daily session at, 300 attend CT awareness briefings daily, 32 calls daily to anti terrorist hotline, 302 visitors daily, 1250 CT stay safe film views daily, 5 public referrals a day for online extremist content

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Last updated: 16 May 2019

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