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The Chalfonts - Local Area

The area includes the parishes: Chalfont St Giles, Chalfont St Peter, Little Chalfont and Seer Green.Map of Buckinghamshire, showing the Chalfonts in the bottom right hand corner

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The Chalfonts Local Area map

Local priorities

The LAF and Community Engagement & Development team agree to local priorities by working with communities, councillors, services, and partners. For most priorities the LAF will help coordinate and move projects forward.

The current priorities for The Chalfonts Local Area are:

  • anti-social behaviour (including speeding)
  • activities and facilities for young people
  • libraries
  • improvement and enhancement of local valued green spaces
  • activities for older and/or vulnerable people
  • road and footway safety improvements including parking issues
  • transport


How the local priorities are being addressed

The LAF has addressed its local priorities by funding projects from its local priorities budget. They have agreed to divide funding between the following projects this year (2018/19):

  • Seer Green MVAS
  • Little Chalfont Bollards Stony Lane/Amersham Road
  • Little Chalfont Nature Park Entrance Signs
  • Chalfont St Giles Deanway Parking
  • Little Chalfont 20mph zone Bell Lane
  • Little Chalfont Feasibility Study Cokes Lane
  • Chalfont St Giles Narrowing Signage
  • Chalfont St Peter Tree Planting
  • Chalfont St Peter Conservation Project
  • Seer Green Outdoor Gym

Purchased equipment by the LAF has already addressed:

  • road and footway safety improvements
  • parking issue priority
  • speed awareness education

This has included a sentinel community speedwatch camera shared between parishes. This is in use in Latimer and Ley Hill, already recording high speeds in the area. Thames Valley Police, who support the scheme, have spoken to drivers caught speeding.

A number of parishes have been supported to purchase Mobile Vehicle Awareness Signs. Volunteers move these every few weeks to keep drivers on their toes.

The LAF has also funded a programme of minor works change signs, reduce speeds, mark highways and moderate parking.

The 2017/18 End of Year Report shows how local priorities have been addressed over the last 3 years.


Local Priorities Funding

The Chalfonts local area has a Local Priorities Budget. This is a limited development budget used to deliver agreed local priorities.

The Chalfonts Local Priorities Budget for 2018-19 is £22,330. This will all go towards local projects. Proposals for funding from the 2019-20 Local Priorities Budget need to be received by 30 January 2019 for consideration by the LAF.

Transport for Buckinghamshire project proposals are due by 31 August the year before the funding is required.

Find out more about submitting a proposal for Local Priorities Funding.

If you have any questions or queries please contact the LAF team localareaforum@buckscc.gov.uk.



The Chalfonts Public Health Local Area Profile
The Chalfont Local Insight Report

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