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This area covers Beaconsfield Town Council

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Beaconsfield Decides 2019

We are pleased to announce that the shortlisted projects for Beaconsfield Decides 2019 are:

Beaconsfield Drinking Fountain

Beaconsfield Women’s Institute along with ‘Plastic Free Beaconsfield’ is looking to install a drinking water fountain in Beaconsfield. They would use the money to fund the scheme, providing a source of free drinking water to encourage local people to switch to reusable bottles and reduce use of single-use plastic bottles.

Chiltern Rangers Community Conservation

Chiltern Rangers is a social enterprise which works with local communities to carry out conservation and wildlife work in the Chilterns area. The group provides practical habitat management of local woodlands, grassland, commons, ponds and streams. They would use the funding to work with Holtspur Bank Nature Reserve to expand their volunteer base by delivering conservation sessions for local residents, schools and community groups. This would provide skills and experience to all who take part while helping local wildlife.


Community Youth Ventures want to set up a new scheme called ‘Skills4Life”. They would use the money to host a series of workshops which bring local young people together to learn various ‘skills for life’, helping them to prepare for the future. The workshops will include health and wellbeing, cooking, DIY, gardening and environmental work, sport and fitness, independent living skills and creativity and the arts.


Voting for Beaconsfield Decides is now open. Voting is open until 11 May 2019. Please vote using the button below or view our list of ballot box locations and eligible postcode.


On the 11 May 2019 'Beaconsfield NOW' will be holding their annual event at Beaconsfield Rugby Club between 11am and 3:30pm. Residents will be able to meet the shortlisted Beaconsfield Decides projects and vote for their favourite to win the top amount of funding of £5,000.

The overall results will be announced at 2:30pm on the day.


Local priorities

The LAF and Community Engagement & Development team agree to local priorities by working with communities, councillors, services, and partners. For most priorities the LAF will help coordinate and move projects forward.

In recent years the town council worked with the county council and Beaconsfield Society to develop the Town Plan. The Forum has adopted the Town Plan as the basis for setting local priorities.

Social isolation

In 2018, the Forum highlighted social isolation as the key priority to take forward. The Forum created a social isolation sub-group to review the current provision. The group has discussed solutions applied elsewhere to support socially isolated people. The Forum has agreed to fund a project worker until March 2019 for two days a week. They will identify issues relevant to social isolation in Beaconsfield by working with:

  • 2 GP surgeries
  • community groups
  • the CCG

This will help them to draft a detailed plan for the Forum to consider in April or May 2019.


Before 2017, the Forum focused only on addressing parking. This resulted in a range of changes to parking restrictions across Beaconsfield. Parking has not been completely solved.

The parking sub-group will look at more recommendations in late 2018 once they know the options.


How the local priorities are being addressed

The forum has addressed its local priorities by funding relevant projects from its local priorities budget.

The LAF has agreed to allocate funding towards the following projects this year (2018/19):

  • Hopper bus
  • Dementia bus
  • Enjoy Beaconsfield
  • Water fountain
  • Zebrites - Station Road
  • Speed Strips - A40
  • Social Isolation Project

Find out more about how the local priorities have been addressed over the last three years in the 2017/18 End of Year Report.


Local Priorities Funding

The Beaconsfield local area has a limited development budget called the Local Priorities Budget. This is used to deliver the agreed local priorities.

The Beaconsfield Local Priorities budget for 2019-20 is £22,100. This has been fully allocated towards local projects.

Please note that proposals for projects to be delivered by Transport for Buckinghamshire are due by 31 August the year before the funding is required.

Find out more about submitting a proposal for Local Priorities Funding.

If you have any questions or queries please contact the LAF team localareaforum@buckscc.gov.uk.



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Beaconsfield Local Insight Report

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