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Amersham - Local Area Forum

The Amersham Local Area Forum (LAF) gives residents a say in how services are delivered in their community. 

The Amersham local area includes the parishes: Amersham, Chenies, Chesham Bois, Coleshill & Penn. Find out more about how we work in your local area.


LAF meetings

The Amersham LAF is made up of county, town, and district councillors, as well as partners including the police and health authorities.

Regular LAF meetings are held for members to:

  • discuss and agree local priorities
  • decide how the local priorities budget is used

Residents are encouraged to attend LAF meetings to find out about what is happening in the local area.

View dates of LAF meetings, agendas and minutes.


Current priorities

The Amersham local area priorities are:

  • activities, facilities and support for young people aged 11+
  • traffic concerns including parking, road safety and safer routes to schools
  • more accessible transport required, including community transport schemes
  • reducing social isolation for older and vulnerable people
  • improvements to the environment and green spaces

The local priorities are reviewed every 3 years. The Amersham Public Health Local Area Profile and Amersham Local Insight Report help to support decision making.


Project funding for 2019/2020

The Amersham Local Priorities budget for 2019/2020 is £23,140.

This budget has been allocated in full towards the Amersham Area Parking Scheme. Funding will be used to carry out an in-depth review of the current parking situation in Amersham and for the prosed solutions to be considered for implementation.


Project funding for 2020/2021

The deadline for transport applications (to be funded through community boards) is 31 January 2020.

LAFs are ending in March 2020 and will be replaced by Buckinghamshire Council’s Community Boards from 1st April 2020 which will hold their first meetings in June 2020.

Community Boards are public meetings where residents will be able to attend, and raise their concerns about things that affect them in their area. If Community Boards agree that concerns raised are a priority, there is a modest budget that may be available to support resolutions. Residents can also raise their concerns with their town/parish council ahead of Community Board meetings to gain local support.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about this change.

The LAF Team
Email: localareaforum@buckscc.gov.uk


How local priorities have been previously addressed

The LAF has previously addressed its traffic concerns priority by funding a range of schemes, including:

  • speed limit assessment and then traffic calming measures in Chesham Bois
  • speed limit assessment and then traffic calming measures in Chenies
  • replacement of mobile speed indicator device in Penn
  • purchase of community speedwatch device, to enable volunteers in all parishes to take part in raising awareness of speeding in their area

The 2018/19 End of Year Report shows how local priorities have been addressed over the last 3 years.



Get in touch with the LAF team if you have any questions.

Email: localareaforum@buckscc.gov.uk


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