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Amersham - Local Area



The area includes the parishes: Amersham, Chenies, Chesham Bois, Coleshill, and Penn.

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Amersham Decides 2018

The Amersham Local Area Forum is happy to announce that £9,000 of its devolved budget from Buckinghamshire County Council will be available for Amersham Decides 2018. Four local projects will be awarded funding based on the preference of local residents.

The good news is all 4 projects will receive funding as follows;

1st Place - £4,000

2nd Place - £2,500

3rd Place - £1,500

4th Place - £1,000

If you have an eligible project please complete and submit the application below by Friday 20 April 2018.

Project application

More information about the assessment process can be found below.

Local area plan

Each local area has its own local area plan which summarises the area and gives contacts for services and councillors.  These plans also include a summary of the health and wellbeing profile of the area. The purpose of the local area plan is to set out a clear list of local priorities which are being addressed and the actions planned to tackle these over a three year period.

The area plan should be regarded as an initial set of commitments, which can be added to in the light of emerging opportunities, rather than a fixed agenda that must be adhered to rigidly over the three years. The Local Area Forum (LAF) and the Community Engagement & Development team will work closely with our services and partners to enable work to be started on many of the priorities identified. 

The current priorities for the Amersham Local Area are:

  • Activities, facilities and support for young people aged 11+
  • Traffic concerns including parking, road safety and safer routes to schools
  • More accessible transport required, including community transport schemes
  • Reducing social isolation for older and vulnerable people
  • Improvements to the environment and green spaces

For most of the priorities within the area plan, it is likely that the main role of the LAF will be to act as a coordinating body and catalyst for action. The LAF will be taking an investigative, supportive, developmental, championing and monitoring role.

Local Priorities Funding

The Amersham local area has a limited development budget called the Local Priorities Budget. This is used to deliver the local priorities in the local area plan.

In addition any use of the Local Priorities Budget must support our Strategic Priorities.

  • Safeguarding our vulnerable
  • Creating opportunities and building self reliance
  • Keeping Buckinghamshire thriving and attractive

Find out more about these in our Strategic Plan

How to submit a proposal

Please talk to your Area Manager to find out about current plans and opportunities before you send in any funding proposals. 

When applying for Local Priorities funding there are two forms which can be completed;

Please review the alternative sources for funding available to you before submitting a proposal.

How will my proposal be assessed?

Your proposal will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • How well it fits with the priorities for the local area
  • How well it supports our Strategic Priorities
  • How well it would provide value for money.

You can find some examples of eligible projects and proposals on our eligible proposals page.

When to submit a proposal

Transport proposals must be submitted by 31 August in the year before the funding is required.  This is to enable schemes to be assessed and a decision made in time for you to start delivering your project as early as possible in the next financial year. Other proposals may be considered at other times before the start of the financial year. However, before you complete an application form you are advised to check with the Community Engagement and Development team what the budget status is for the local area.

Come to your next Local Area Forum (LAF)

Hear about what is happening in your local area and have your say. The LAF meets up to four times a year and covers matters of interest to local residents such as transport, health, young people, local issues, and policing.

View dates of the Amersham LAF meetings, agendas and minutes

The Area Manager for Amersham is Paul Hodson who can be contacted by email at

Active Bucks

The Active Bucks project aspires to help all Bucks residents get active, more often. The LAF supported Active Bucks to engage with local residents to identify the physical activities that would encourage inactive people to get active, e.g. community group walks or yoga.

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