Parish pond survey

Interested in ponds and wildlife? Own a pond?

If so we'd love you to take part in our survey.

This is a countywide project involving landowners, volunteers, the charity Pond Conservation and others. It will gather information on the locations of as many ponds in Buckinghamshire as possible, what they are like and what lives in them. The information will improve local knowledge and contribute to national records held in the National Pond Database.


Why do we need to gather information about ponds?

Research shows ponds support more species than other freshwater habitats such as rivers. Some of the species in ponds are rare. This makes it important that we look after our ponds.

Locally and nationally we know surprisingly little about ponds. Information gathered by this project will help people make informed decisions on managing, creating and restoring ponds.


How can you help?

You can do a pond survey. It's very quick and easy - you don't need to wade into the pond or be an experienced surveyor! You could do the survey next time you're out walking, in the garden or working on your farm.

Visit the Freshwater Habitats Trust website and download a pack. The pack includes a guide and survey form.

Once you've gathered the information, send it to Pond Conservation.

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