Taking over a service or building

Run a local council service

All over Buckinghamshire, community based organisations are helping to deliver council services. We are keen to talk to groups who would be interested in taking on a service currently run by us. Please send us some basic details, email us communities@buckinghamshire.gov.uk, or write to us at: Community Engagement and Development, Buckinghamshire Council, Walton Street Offices, Walton Street, Aylesbury HP20 1UA.

You can alternatively send us a formal Community Right to Challenge expression of interest form but it is better if we discuss your ideas first.  

There are only certain times when you can make a challenge: 

  • If a service is run by ourselves you can make a challenge in January and February each year.
  • If the service is contracted out you can make a challenge in a 2 month window 18 months before the end of the contract OR occasionally earlier.

For details of some of the services which are currently contracted out by the Council, and to see the relevant dates, go to Buckinghamshire Business First . If you cannot find details of the service you are interested in or would like more details about one of the services listed, please contact commercial@buckinghamshire.gov.uk.

We will confirm which timing you need to follow and what your options are in our initial conversation with you.


Take over a council owned building

If you are aware of a specific council owned building that is either being sold or re-let, please complete a query form, email, or write to us and we will contact you for an informal discussion.

After we receive your query or expression of interest we will contact you within 7 days to explain the next steps.

For more information read our Community Asset Transfer Policy.

Community groups can also submit a formal expression of interest under the Community Right to Bid to nominate public and private land and buildings to be on a register of 'assets of community value'. If something on this register is offered for sale the community groups have up to 6 months to prepare a bid and compete to buy it.

In Buckinghamshire the registers are held at your local area, this includes Buckinghamshire Council buildings.

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