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5/26/2021 8:43:06 AM

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What is a Street Association?

"It's rewarding when you can see that you're making a difference." - Street Association member Jan Seaton

A Street Association brings together local residents who want to make their community:

  • stronger
  • friendlier
  • more supportive

This is a community where people belong and look out for one another.

Street Association Members achieve this by acting as the eyes and ears on their street, learning to spot neighbours who may need a little bit of help, and point them in the direction of support.

Members are encouraged to start a conversation with their neighbours to know they're safe and spot someone in a vulnerable situation. Something as simple as noticing dustbins have been out for longer than normal, or a neighbour needing groceries in bad weather.

The guiding ethos is that a neighbourhood with a strong sense of itself as a community, is a safer and stronger community for everybody.


What can a Street Association offer?

Ever had a chat or offered a listening ear to a neighbour but not known what or who to recommend?

A Street Association can provide information covering important issues to:

  • raise awareness
  • protect neighbours
  • provide a directory of services to offer support

Some Street Associations have grown to become strong communities and hold an array of activities including litter picks, street parties, and barbeques or offer lifts or a spot of gardening. If you don’t know your neighbours, this is a great way to connect!

A Street Association can also look at how to address:

  • targeted hidden crimes and scams
  • vulnerabilities such as loneliness and isolation

Please email the for a free pack to start a Street Association in your road, or ask for a downloadable toolkit if you’re a community group covering a wider area.


How can you get involved?

Why not watch our quick video to find out how you can become a part of a Buckinghamshire Street Association.  


For information on the coronavirus pandemic, see our Support for residents section.

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