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Early warnings of severe weather are issued by the National Met Centre only when conditions are expected to be widespread. They are typically issued after 9am and 12-48 hours in advance. Once issued, warnings are updated daily until the event occurs or the warning is cancelled.  Warnings will normally be issued when the risk of the conditions occurring in a part of the UK is 40% or greater.

Flash warnings are issued nearer the onset of the conditions by the regional weather centres. These are issued when the forecasters are confident that the severe conditions will occur and provide greater detail on location, duration and severity.  Forecasts of up to 6 hours are made when possible.

Severe weather warnings and current weather for Eastern Counties and South East England can be found via the links below.

General information and news from the Civil Contingencies Secretariat can be found on the UK Resilience website.

British Red Cross Emergency App

The British Red Cross have developed an Emergency App that pulls together alerts and warnings issued in the UK and allows the user to choose for which area they want to receive warnings.  The app also provides advice on preparing for emergencies.  

Flood warnings

The Environment Agency provides a flood warning service for most main rivers, estuaries and coasts, not for most ordinary watercourses. Rivers and streams rising rapidly due to excessive rainfall can cause particular difficulties when there is no time to issue specific warnings. The Environment Agency do not, and cannot, provide a flood warning service for local flooding from sewers, road drainage, dam bursts or blockages.

When issuing flood warnings the Environment Agency alerts the emergency services, the local authorities, the media (warnings are then broadcast on TV and radio) and the public. If you live in flood-risk areas you can receive warnings direct (by phone, text message or email) from an automatic messaging system. For further information on, or to sign up for, this free service; or for information on preparing for flooding, please call the Environment Agency's Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or visit Floodline Warnings Direct.

To find out if your home or business is in a flood risk area you can:

  • Check your location against the flood risk information on the Environment Agency website. 
  • Ask your household insurance company or call the Association of British Insurers (ABI) on 0207 6003333
  • Ask your local council. 
  • Ask long-standing residents in your area.

Current river levels/flood information

The Environment Agency provides flood level information for all main rivers in Buckinghamshire broken down into geographical stretches. River and sea levels for England and Wales.

Three day flood forecast

The Environment Agency provides a 3 day flood forecast for England and Wales

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