Guidance for Emergency Planning

9/11/2020 10:35:12 AM

Individual and families

The chances of being caught up in an emergency or extreme event are low, but a little preparation can make a big difference. An emergency can be anything from extreme weather to a flu outbreak.

There are things you can do to ensure you are better prepared for emergencies and situations like really bad weather or terrorist events.

The Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum released their 'Are you Ready?' guide which provides guidance to individuals, families and businesses on how to prepare for, and respond to, emergencies.

Download the Are you ready? online booklet

General advice includes:

  • Make a list of important contacts, such as family, friends, neighbours, your children's school, GP, vet, gas, water, electricity supplier and your insurers. Keep these numbers with you.
  • Prepare an 'emergency pack' for your home with a radio, torch, first aid kit and bottled water.
  • Arrange for a friend or relative from your area to be your point of contact in case your family is separated during an emergency.
  • Know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water supplies.
  • Know how to tune into your local radio station for information.
  • Check your insurance cover is current and note the policy and telephone number on your important contacts list.
  • If your property is in a flood risk area, keep sandbags and sand at the ready.
  • If travelling by car carry a basic emergency kit with bottled water, first aid kit, torch, mobile phone car charger.



CitizenAID is a Home Office / MoD / National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) / Surgeon General / British Medical Association (BMA) endorsed website and App whose purpose is to provide advice to the public in the event of a terrorist attack with a focus on life saving actions and first aid skills.  More information can be downloaded here:



ICE - in case of emergency

Save key contacts in your mobile under ICE so that the police, ambulance or hospital staff can access your next-of-kin details quickly and easily.

Use more than one contact using  'ICE 1', 'ICE 2' etc       

Think carefully about who you would want to be told
Emergency responders will double-check, but in an accident or emergency, it is possible a wrong mobile phone might be picked up. Think about carrying the information on a card marked 'in case of emergency' in your purse or wallet as well.

Keep the information up to date


Business resilience

We are available to advise and assist local businesses and voluntary organisations.

Find out more about Business Continuity Management



Community resilience is the ability for local communities, often represented by parish or town councils, to be able to respond and recover from emergencies in their community. It ties in with both individual and family preparations and business resilience.  

The 'Guide to developing a community self help plan' booklet (PDF) gives both advice and a template plan that parish/town councils can use. 


Guides for bad weather



Community emergency plan guidance and template

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