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Looked after children

6. Common questions

£15 per month (10 times a year); if it is not spent it can carry over to pay for bigger activities for next month, but any unspent subsidy will return to the council at the end of the 12 month period.

On a fixed date every month, around 20th no uploads in January and September.

Can the money be carried over?

Carried over up to 12 months, or £150 balance, all un-used will expire after that period.

Children and young people can only spend what is on the card. If the funds are not in the cardholders account, the transaction is declined.

Wirecard will send new cards to the Project Manager in the Children's Commissioning Team. This will be entered in register by support staff, then handed over to senior business support staff/social workers to distribute the card to children and young people and obtain signature, explain terms and conditions etc.

The card can be used to make payments in the same way as other bank cards but has some restrictions. A unique number identifies each business type; this is called a Merchant Category Code. It can be used at merchants who are leisure or positive activity providers, if a young person goes to an unapproved provider or a shop, their payment will be declined.

The card can be used to pay for bowling, leisure centres and other activity providers that want to be part of the scheme. A full list of providers will be issued with the card.

Age group of children eligible to receive leisure Card?

Children and young people 6-17 who are in care will receive this card. The card will cease functioning on 18th birthday. Children with disabilities who are unable to use this card will be offered alternate leisure options.

The card will be provided by Wirecard VISA International Incorporated and affiliates. They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

A standard set of information for users and professionals has been produced by the Children's Commissioning team. Any query for lost card or forgotten PIN will be provided by Business support officer of this team. All other day to day queries will be dealt by Children and young people Social workers. Balance enquiry is via website or calling Wirecard direct. Please see the set of information provided with your card.

What happens if the child loses the card?

They will be re-issued with a new card. Lost card cost will be deducted from Top-up fee (£3 for first re-issue and £5 there after). No charge for forgotten Pin or PIN reset.

Will foster carers have a reduction in their maintenance allowance because there is an element to pay for activities i.e. scouts?

This card will not change any existing systems. This card is aimed at improving access to leisure and positive activities for Children and young people.

Data information

All information held and processed will be in accordance with the relevant Data Protection legislation.

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Last updated: 18 December 2018

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