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2/17/2020 9:18:41 AM

1. Accommodation

Thinking about moving out and living independently can make you feel stressed, but finding accommodation for when you leave care at 18 is something we will support you with. We want to make sure that you find somewhere that works for you and where you can feel safe.

We will start planning your accommodation once you are 16, and you can have a say in where you would like to go, what you can afford and what type of accommodation you would like.

However we might not always be able to provide the type of accommodation that you would like, based on what is available. If this happens we would explain why we cannot give you what you would like.

If you are at college or university you are also entitled to help with the cost of accommodation.

Once you are 18 and have moved out into your new home, your social worker and PA will come to visit you, which will be agreed beforehand in your Pathway Plan.

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Last updated: 17 February 2020

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