Leaving Care in Buckinghamshire

3/12/2019 11:11:32 AM

4. What is a personal advisor (PA)?

Your social worker will introduce you to your PA when you turn 16 years old.

PAs are experienced in working with young people and they will know how best to help you when you leave care. Once you've turned 16 they will get to know you, find out what you would like to do in your life and help you to achieve it.

Once you turn 18 they will:

  • take over responsibility for supporting you
  • review your Pathway Plan with you and make sure you reach your goals
  • keep in touch with you and make sure you can get the support you need

Your PA will be there to help you until you are 21 (or 25 if you are in full-time education), so make sure you make the most of them and keep in touch!

Top tip: Talk to your PA about how much contact you would like and the best way for them to contact you to make keeping in touch easy.
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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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