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8/8/2022 10:53:08 AM

1. Healthy Body

If you have moved to a new area, you will need to register with a local GP surgery, dentist and optician. To find a local doctor and dentist, visit the NHS website.

The first time you visit a new GP you will be asked a lot of questions about your health so that they have a record for the next time you visit. All of your information will be kept strictly confidential so make sure you mention anything that is worrying you.

Ask your social worker or PA for useful information that the GP might want to know, such as:

  • your blood type
  • your NHS number
  • any allergies
  • a list of any medication you are on
  • your immunisation record
  • details on any health problems you have had in the past.

You should also contact the GP surgery you have used while you are in care and ask them to pass any information they have on you over to your new surgery. This way your new doctor will know any important information about you.

Top tip: Remember to visit your dentist every year for a check-up, and take a trip to the opticians for an eye test every two years.
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Last updated: 8 August 2022

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