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Improving early help services for children, young people and families

9. Family stories

We already support some families with early help where a family worker provides the whole family support to address all of the problems the family are facing at the time. This is carried out with the family to help them know how to deal with these problems better and on their own in the future. This support aims to prevent children and families reaching 'crisis point' and needing support from social care services. 

The Boyd Family

Casey is a single Mum who lives with her teenage son Ricky (15). Ricky has minimal contact with his father. 

Casey was referred to us as she suffers with significant social anxiety and depression.

Ricky has various Special Education Needs (SEN) including ASD, ADHD and anxiety. His behaviour at home is challenging and there are concerns regarding his progress at school. He is reluctant to attend and may become a school refuser.

Casey’s home was cluttered and poorly furnished. Her mental health was impacting on Ricky, and he was socially isolated.

Mum was struggling to make any changes or to see any positive progress. She had poor communication with Ricky’s school, which was impacting on his attainment. He was not able to access the additional support required.

How we helped

We secured funding for a bed, carpet, decorations, storage, furnishings and sensory equipment and helped arrange home improvements. 

We completed relationship and parenting work around routines and communication in the home.

We improved communication lines between school and Mum.

We requested a CAMHS buddy referral for Ricky.

We organised an Occupational Therapy assessment for Ricky and further screening for his Special Educational Needs.

We supported higher needs funding for Ricky and requested a statutory assessment.

We arranged for Ricky’s food intake to be monitored at school.

We attended a meeting with MIND and completed a befriender referral for Mum.

What changed for the family?

Ricky said that ‘things are better at school’ and he now regularly attends.

Ricky is no longer sleeping in a broken bed or in a dirty, dark and overcrowded room. He is much happier in his comfortable, spacious bedroom. As a result, his sleep and behaviour has much improved.

Ricky’s needs are better understood, with additional appropriate support now in place at school.

An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) process is now underway to support his ASD and GCSEs. Procedures are also in place for his transition into adulthood.

Mum has spoken with a befriender, which has been positive and she is thinking about getting more help. 

Mum feels listened to and is more confident with what is happening at school. Ricky is now able start school in a quiet environment to ease his anxieties and is eating lunch every day. 


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Last updated: 28 February 2018

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