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Why foster with us?

2. Support and training

With our excellent support and training, we will help you become skilled and knowledgeable foster carers.


Fostering Social Worker

We know just how demanding caring for a child can be. This is why we ensure all our Foster Carers have a highly qualified and experienced Fostering Social Worker, who will work closely with you to build on your experience and enhance your skills.

You will also have regular contact and support from the child’s social worker.

Professional support

You will have access to advice and specialist support from Health, Education and other professionals. Your Social Worker will help you identify any additional information, skills and support you require to care for a child, and help you access what you need

Foster care support groups

We run regular support groups for our Foster Carers in Aylesbury and South Bucks. Our Foster Carers find these to be very helpful as they are able to meet other Carers in their local area.

We also have specific support groups for those fostering teenagers and for new Carers.

Emergency support

We provide 24 hours support, through our Out of Hours service – 0800 999 7677.

You will have instant access to professionals who will be able to work with you to try and resolve the problem.

Foster Care Association

We pay subscription costs for all our Foster Carers to be members of the Fostering Network, which gives you access to personal and professional development. Fostering Network is the leading fostering charity in the country.

Visit their website for more information

Sons and Daughters Group

We understand that fostering doesn’t just involve the adults, but the whole family. As a result we have developed the Sons and Daughters group, which provides an activity based support group for children and young people whose parents foster. This offers them a chance to take part in fun activities and meet others with similar experiences. The group is a fun and informative way for young people to come together during the school holidays.


We will supply you with all the essential equipment you need to carry out your role. This will be age appropriate equipment such as stair gates, and car seats, etc.

Regular newsletter

You will receive a regular newsletter which will keep you informed and help you with your fostering role.

Annual Dinner and Awards Evening

Every year we hold a Dinner and Awards Evening to recognise the fantastic contribution and outstanding work carried out by our Foster Carers. It’s also our way of saying thank you to all our dedicated Carers, who do such a phenomenal job, looking after Buckinghamshire’s Children.

We also take this as an opportunity to recognise the long term service from some of our Carers who have been with us for many years!


We are committed to ensuring you receive regular, high quality training to help you in your role as foster carer. Your social worker will work closely with you to recommend the right courses. We ask that our foster carers attend or complete at least 2 training opportunities a year. Should you complete more than 5 sessions or more, you will receive a one off payment.

In addition if you decide to do some on-going personal development and complete a programme of training courses, you will also receive a payment.


What you need to do  Payment
Level 1 Complete TSD standards and attend 5 mandatory courses within the first year of fostering Normal Fostering Allowance
Level 2 Completed the TSD (Training Support and Development) Standards

£200 honorarium for mainstream carers, £100 for Family & Friends and Short Break carers plus a certificate
Sign up for Level 3 Carers decide to sign up to complete Level 3 P4S (Payment for Skills) within 2 years. Carers to receive £30 per week for amount of time to complete Level 3 not to exceed 2 years
Level 3 Carers decide to sign up to complete Level 3 P4S (Payment for Skills) within 2 years. Carer to receive a payment of £60 per week
Level 4 On completion Level 4

Carer to receive a payment of £100 per week

Terms and conditions apply with regards payments.

We also encourage our Carers to suggest training courses which they feel may meet their needs.

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Last updated: 1 August 2017

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