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7/2/2020 1:40:57 PM

Are you currently with a fostering agency and looking to transfer to us? The process is much easier than you may think.

We are fully committed to finding the right carer for the right child. We are proud of our excellent support and brilliant training and believe that it could be a positive move for you.


About us

We are responsible for finding homes for children who come into our care.

We always try to place them with our own foster carers first. This means that our children are able to stay within their local community and will be close to their family, friends, and school.

By fostering with us, you will be helping to keep these children in the community they are familiar with.



If you are thinking about transferring to us, the best thing is to contact us so that we can have a chat with you.

Telephone: 01296 674973

Once you are happy for us to contact your agency, we will request your assessment documents from them. Where appropriate we will set up a meeting to plan the transfer. We will then assign one of our experienced social workers to guide you through the application process.


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