Supported lodgings

9/28/2021 12:27:19 PM

Supported lodgings is a scheme which allows young people aged between 16 to 25 to be offered accommodation in a home environment when leaving foster care or residential care. This home environment is provided by people who can offer a bedroom in their home as well as a level of support to help develop the persons independent living skills. 

Once a young person leaves their supported lodging, the hope is that they can continue living independently in private or social housing.

Become a host

What it involves

If you offer a supported lodging to a local young person, you will become their host and will also offer them a specified number of hours of support per week.

You could:

  • teach money management
  • help with time management
  • attend meetings with them
  • provide guidance on living skills

As a host, you would need to offer a young person a room of their own, but you would not have parental responsibility. 

Supported lodgings differ from foster care because they empower a young person to live independently. Foster care provides homes for children and young people who are not ready for independence yet, usually because they are too young. 


You can become a host if: 

  • you live in Buckinghamshire and have a spare bedroom 
  • you are able to work with social workers and other professionals as part of a team
  • you have experience interacting and working with young people in a fair, honest and objective way
  • you are empathetic and understand the challenges faced by young people
  • you can respect the confidentiality of a young person but also alert your social worker and other professionals of any concerns

We are committed to recruiting supported lodgings hosts from diverse, ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

You do not need to be married. You can be single, divorced or cohabiting. We also welcome applications from people of all sexual orientations.

Assessment process

During the assessment process, you will complete an enhanced DBS check and other statutory checks. You will also attend appropriate training courses which will support you as a host.

Find out more

If you want to learn more about supported lodgings or become a host, give us a call on 01296 674 973 or email

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