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Fostering unaccompanied asylum seeking children

Fostering an unaccompanied asylum seeking child requires a special type of person and commitment.

We must remember, these children and young people have been wrenched away from their families, communities and cultures to a country and way of life that is completely alien to them. They may have witnessed terrible atrocities in their homeland and may have lost parents or family members.

Caring for an asylum seeking child requires a mix of empathy, patience and understanding combined with a willingness and commitment to devote time and energy to helping the foster child adapt to their new country.

From practical tasks such as supporting them as they learn a new language and working with them through the legal process of seeking permanent asylum to being a shoulder to lean on in a world of constant change and shifting sands. You will be providing them with a loving, safe and secure environment in which to grow and thrive. The commitment is not to be underestimated but at the same time the experience is extremely rewarding. You will be playing a pivotal role in helping a young person start a new life free from persecution and terror.

Specialist training and support is available to anyone considering fostering an unaccompanied asylum seeking child or young person.

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