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Why foster a teenager?

Here are some great reasons to think about fostering a teenager:

  • You could be the one to help them realise their potential. By being their champion you will be helping them to grow in confidence as they approach adult life
  • Fostering a teenager means you can combine your fostering duties with another job should you wish
  • We can all remember our teenage years – draw on your own experiences to help them grow
  • Not all teenagers are difficult. Yes, there may be some challenging times but there can also be lots of fun times too. Many teenagers are simply looking for someone to treat them with fairness and respect like the young adults they are

We have a growing number of children aged 12 and above in need of a foster home.

Some people are wary of fostering teenagers, imagining that they are likely to be more troublesome than a younger child.

Whilst it is true that many children and young people in care will have a range of needs and may present with challenging behaviours, this is not exclusive to older children and can affect children of any age.

A teenager in foster care is simply looking for a stable and loving environment they can call home with people who are dedicated to looking after their best interests and helping them to achieve and supporting them through those difficult teenage years.

You may have your own children who still live at home or your children may have grown up and moved out. You may have experience of working with children in some way. All this experience could help you be a foster carer for a teenager.

We will support you every step of the way with all the training and guidance you need.

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