Fostering awards 2018

And the winners are:

Foster Carer of the Year

  • Linda and Ray Barker

Best New-comer

  • Susan Dick

Emergency Placements Award

  • Liz and David Calver

Children's Social Worker Award

  • Emma Cowley

Training Awards:

Debbie Armstrong, Stacey Atkins, Maggie Barber, Charles Cleverdon, Juliet Cleverdon, Ian Cole, Katie Cole, Joan Collins, Susan Dick, Alex Doig, Sheila Doig, Christine Driscoll, Sarah Emerson, Rosemary Farrar, Shirley George, Anne Groves, Enid Gumbs, Jason Harper, Ann Harrington, Keith Howard, Sally Howard, Alastair Kay, Sheila Kay, Rachel Kirchin, Leeann Mclellan, Leslie Merryweather, Linda Myburgh, Angela Osei-Owusu, Andrea Pendray, Mandy Phillips, Diane Ridgley, Karron Roberts, Sally Slater, Peter Slater, Rachel Stevens, Hayley Weaver-Poole, Simon Weaver-Poole, Denis Wilson, Elaine Wootton-Haley, Sarah New, Amanda Mellard.

Fostering Service Awards

5 years

  • Amanda Horne
  • Karen Kelly and Colin Griffiths
  • Tomas and Eliza Pukalski

10 years

  • Vernon and Rebecca Cox
  • Judith and John Elliot
  • Maggie and Rick Smith

15 years

  • Della Winning


How to contact

If you are interested in fostering, please get in touch.

Online: fostering enquiry form
Telephone: 0800 160 1900

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