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Fostering Awards 2017

And the winners are ............

Foster Carer of the Year

  • Gemma &¬†Adam Butler

Best New-comer

  • Sheila & Alastair Kay

Outstanding Contribution to Fostering

  • Chrissie Driscoll

Service to Disabled Children Award

  • Juliet Cleverdon

Award for Going Above and Beyond

  • Leeann McLellan & Karron Roberts
  • Liz & David Calver (Flowers)

Outstanding Children's Social Worker Award

  • Carmen Owens

Training Honorariums:

Debbie Armstrong, Maggie Barber, Lynda Barker, Raymond Barker, Charles Cleverdon, Juliet Cleverdon, Joan Collins, Geoff Cook, Alex Doig, Sheila Doig, Christine Driscoll, Rose Farrar, Steve Fuge, Shirley George, Wayne George, Lisa Greaves, Enid Gumbs, Nigel Hatchett, Suzanne Hatchett, Duncan Hogston, Karen Hogston, Keith Howard, Sally Howard, Alistair Kay, Sheila Kay, Judith Majaika, Peter Marsh, Leeann McLellan, Bari Mujeeb, Sarah New, Mandy Phillips, Nazalee Raja, Diane Ridgley, Hilary Ridgway, John Ridgway, Karron Roberts, Maggie Smith, Kim Smith, Hannah Ward, Martin Ward

Long Service Awards

5 years

  • Leeann McLellan & Karron Roberts
  • Mandy Phillips
  • Nazalee Raja & Bari Mujeeb
  • Debbie & Chris Armstrong
  • Angela & Stephen Boampong
  • Christine & John Driscoll
  • Nigel & Sue Hatchett
  • Shirley & Wayne George
  • Sally Marshall

10 years

  • Sarah New
  • Rachel & Pete Griffith
  • David & Elizabeth Calver
  • Duncan & Karen Hogston

15 years

  • Sarah New
  • Rachel & Pete Griffith
  • David & Elizabeth Calver
  • Duncan & Karen Hogston

20 years

  • Julie Hill & Charlie Evans
  • Terry & Jenny MacDonald

25 years

  • Ron & Kate Gutteridge

35 years

  • Keith & Sally Howard


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