Corporate Parenting Strategy


Corporate Parenting front coverChildren and young people who, for one reason or another, cannot live with their parents are some of the most vulnerable and have a unique place in our society. In Buckinghamshire we take our responsibility to be corporate parents seriously and commit to treating our Looked After Children (LAC) as any family would, by keeping them safe, meeting their health needs, ensuring that they have as positive an experience as possible whilst in care, by improving their life chances and supporting them to meet their full potential.

Based on the most up to date research we know that our children are very likely to have experienced significant trauma and abuse prior to being Looked After. They will also be at greater risk of sexual exploitation, going missing, offending and are likely to experience greater challenges with education. Therefore, it is essential that our Looked After Children receive the best possible services from us as corporate parents in order to support them to achieve the same outcomes and have access to the same opportunities that we would want for our own children.

It is essential that our children's experiences of care addresses the disadvantages they have faced rather than compound them. Good local service provision is likely to improve our children's life opportunities, be better value for money and contribute to good performance.

As corporate parents we want to help the children and young people of Buckinghamshire who are currently looked after to thrive and reach their full potential.

Improving the role of the corporate parent, as part of our corporate responsibility, is key to improving the outcomes for our children. It is with the corporate parent that responsibility and accountability for their well-being and future prospects reside. Buckinghamshire takes this responsibility seriously.

Buckinghamshire is committed to being the best parent it can be to our children and this strategy provides clear direction for all agencies to understand what the objectives of corporate parenting are and holds the local authority accountable and partners for delivering on these.

Warren Whyte
Cabinet Member for Children's Services


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