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Children's Short Breaks Consultation

1. About short break services

We are committed to supporting the best outcomes for children with disabilities and their families. One way we do this is by providing high quality short break services.

Through this we will also support carers with their caring responsibilities.

What the law says about short breaks

The law says we must provide services to help carers continue to care or be more effective. It also says:  

  • where reasonable and practical, provide a range of appropriate breaks during the day, night, weekends and school holidays
  • we must give parents information that tells them about the range of breaks and the eligibility criteria. This is called a 'Service Statement'

The Breaks for Carers of Disabled Children Regulations


What are short breaks?

Short breaks are time away from your carer or caring responsibilities. They are a vital part of making sure people can stay living in their own homes. We know that people with very complex needs may always need some type of specialist care. However, short breaks can be so much more than traditional residential or respite care.

Short breaks include day, evening, overnight, weekend or holiday activities. They do not have to be in a residential setting. They can take place in your own home, the home of an approved carer and in your local community.

Short Breaks give disabled children and young people an opportunity to:

  • Make new friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Develop independence
  • Relax, have fun and reduce loneliness

Short Breaks also their help parents, carers and families to:

  • Take a break from their caring responsibilities
  • Rest, unwind and spend time with other family members
  • Provide the right support at the right time
  • Build their family resilience

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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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