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4. The children who need adopting

Some of our children looking for families

The names have been changed, but the profiles below are true stories of children in Buckinghamshire who currently need a loving family, or who have recently been placed with their new family.

Daniel and Susie

Hi, we are Daniel and Susie. We are a brother and sister who are looking for a family where we can live together.


I am three years old and like playing with my toys and colouring. Sadly, my mummy and daddy couldn’t keep us safe, so we came to live with a foster family in 2019. I go to nursery where I am happy and doing well. Sometimes I get upset and irritable, but my current carers have helped me find a good routine and boundaries. I love it when they tell me how well I am doing!


I am two years old and go to nursery with my big brother Daniel. I am doing well at nursery and meeting my developmental milestones. I am happy with my current carers but would like a family I can stay with forever. I love playing with my toys and especially with other children!

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Daniel and Susie need adopters who can provide them with stability and emotional warmth. It is important for them to live in the same family so they can maintain their brother and sister bond. Both children are doing well in foster care but need the permanence of an adoption to provide them with long-term stability.

Archie, Ben and Hannah

Hi, we are Archie, Ben and Hannah. We’re looking for a safe, secure and loving home where we can live together.


I’m nine months old and am doing well in my current foster home, where I am enjoying being with my big brother and sister. I love to play with my foster carers and am starting to recognise words! I like to go to the park and watch my big brother and sister on the big slides. My foster carer says I am very good at eating – I love my food!


I am three years old. I like going to the park with my little brother, Archie, and going to nursery where I have lots of friends. I love playing with my toys with my sister, Hannah. My foster carer says I am good at looking after my little brother, and I would really like to live with him forever.


I am four years old and started school in September! I like going to school but I also like playing dress up with my little brother, Ben, when I get home. Sometimes I find it hard to talk to people, but a lady is helping me with my speech and she sees me at school. I love living with my little brothers. As their big sister I like to make sure they are okay and make them smile when they are sad.

Family for the future

Archie, Ben and Hannah have been exposed to a chaotic and neglectful life with a lack of routine and boundaries. The children need a family who can provide them with consistency and security whilst allowing them to grow up together.



Hi I am 4 months old, I was born in the month of May. I have big brown sparkly eyes and shiny brown hair.  I live with my foster carers who take really good care of me. I was not able to live with my mummy as she had a lot of her own problems which meant she was not able to keep me safe. My mummy told the Social Workers that she didn’t know who my daddy was so I have never met him.

I have lived with my foster carers since I left the hospital when I was 4 weeks old. They take really good care of me and this makes me feel safe and happy. I really love cuddles from my carers and playing with the other children that live with me. I also like playing on my play gym as it is fun to try and reach for the toys hanging above me. There is a little mirror which I like to look in so I can see myself!  When I am in my cot I love watching my mobile go round, listening to the sounds it makes and looking at the patterns the light makes on the ceiling.  My foster carer takes me to baby groups too, which are good fun as I get to play with lots of toys and see other children.  Bath time is also fun as I love to splash around.

I am doing really well in my foster home! I can now roll over onto my tummy, but I can’t yet roll back! I am trying hard to do this as I get a bit grizzly when I am stuck on my back!  I also get a bit grizzly when I am hungry or tired.  My carer knows when I am like this and will give me some milk or put me down for a nap.   I can also sit up if someone supports me which I like as I can see what is going on around me. When people talk to me I like to smile at them and sometimes I will laugh or make a cooing sound! This makes people smile back at me and sometimes kiss me which makes me happy.

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We are looking for a loving stable family who can care for Amber.  She is meeting her developmental milestones but we have some uncertainties for her future given her young age, we do not know whom her birth father is and thus any health issues he may have, and her birth mother’s experience of mental health difficulties.



Hi. My name is Sophia and I am a four month old little baby girl from Asia. I love to have cuddles and will respond to a friendly, smiley face. I enjoy my milk and like the opportunity for more cuddles while feeding. I spent the first three months of my life in hospital with my birth mother. She was unwell and having confusing thoughts. She needed some time and help to get better and think about her future. Because she was young and unwell she was not always able to think about what my needs were and I did not always get the consistent care and nurture that I needed. Unfortunately, my birth father was not always kind to my birth mother but she loved him and chose to live with him after leaving hospital. My social worker needed to protect me so I now live in foster care with a lovely foster carer who makes sure that I am happy and well cared for. I hope that I can find a family, who can help me to grow, feel safe and know about my culture and heritage.

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We are looking for a loving, stable household to provide a home for little Sophia. She is doing really well but there are some uncertainties in her future due to her birth parents’ learning needs and mental health difficulties. Any family would need to be able to promote and understand Sophia’s cultural needs and her heritage.



Hi. My name is Matthew and I am not yet born but my birth mother has already chosen a name for me. My birth mother says that she loves me very much and is making sure she takes me to hospital appointments and checks to make sure I am okay. Unfortunately, my birth mother has addictions to alcohol and drugs. She explained that when she felt down about her life and felt like she couldn’t cope drugs and alcohol would take her pain away for a little while. My social worker is trying to keep me safe and knows that as an unborn baby I need to be protected from drugs and alcohol as it can affect my growth and future development. If my birth mother is not able to beat her addictions the plan for me will be to find a special home that can provide me care from when I am born. I will need a family who can be my foster carers at first and then perhaps continue to care for me as my parents if my birth mother is still having problems. I will need lots of love and nurture and I may be very unhappy when I am born due to being exposed to drugs. No one knows what my future will look like and I may need special help with health and education; but with the right family we could all be very happy together.

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We are looking for a loving, stable early permanence household to provide a home for Matthew once he is born. The family will act as foster carers initially while the court makes decisions about Matthew’s future. If the outcome is adoption then the family would become Matthew’s parent/s.  Whilst acting as a foster placement the family will need to be open to the fact that Matthew may not stay with them and also that he may have additional health and learning needs both short and long term due to the exposure of drugs and alcohol in utero.


Ella and Rosie

Hi we are Ella and Rosie, we are sisters and are looking for a family where we can live together.


I am 4 years old and I love being outdoors, going to the park, having picnics and exploring in the woods.  I especially like walking my foster carers dogs and also love horses and cats.  I enjoy playing with my sister Rosie and we like arts and crafts, singing, dancing, dressing up and baking.  I like to go to school and have friends there.  I also go to Ballet and Swimming lessons and am getting really good at both of these.  I am told that I have an amazing smile and I am full of energy.  I love a cuddle and story when I go to bed so I would like to keep having these.  I would like a family that is also active and has lots of energy.  I also need lots of cuddles and reassurance when I am worried about something and someone that can be patient with me when I have wobbles.  I see a special person called a play therapist and she is helping me with my worries and wobbles. 


I have just turned 3 years old and I love playing with my dolls, dressing up, climbing and being outdoors and walking my foster carers dogs like my sister.  I now go to nursery which I enjoy and am making friends there.   I have also started ballet and swimming lessons.   I am told that I have a wicked sense of humour and a great laugh.  I like to have lots of cuddles and love story time.  I like to do things by myself but will ask my foster carers for lots of cuddles and help when I am worried about something.  As I am 3 years old I can get frustrated if I don’t get my own way but my foster carer knows how to help me with this.   I would like a family who will look after me, be patient with me and give me lots of cuddles. 

We also have a brother who is going to a new mummy and daddy, we would like to keep seeing him at least once year.

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Ella and Rosie are lovely girls who need adopters who will be caring, patient, have lots of energy and time.  Ella and Rosie have a lot of love to give and in the right home they will thrive.  Both girls have not had many routines and boundaries before coming into care and having parents who have misused substances  they have not had consistent parenting.  They have amazing foster carers who are working hard to give the girls all the attention, affection and routines that the need.  Ella and Rosie are currently having play therapy which is helping them to address the trauma they have experienced, further therapeutic input for the girls adopters will continue post adoption.  



Hi my name is Sam and I am 6 years old, I have brown hair, hazel eyes and I wear glasses.  I love to play football, cricket, golf and ride my bike.   I also like to play with my lego, remote control car and robot, play games on my tablet and I really enjoy reading.  If I have someone to play with then this is the best but I can play by myself too.  I am told I am really helpful as I enjoy helping my foster carers around the house doing DIY.  I am great at helping out in the garden but I may pull up your plants thinking they are weeds!  I also enjoy baking cakes as I absolutely love desserts.  I am also great at washing cars but watch out as I may soak you and myself in the process!  I like going to school but it has taken me a little while to settle in and make friends, I have started to have some playdates which I  really enjoy.  I have some help in the classroom as I struggle a bit with letter formation and comprehension but I am doing really well in Maths.  I do lots of clubs including football, swimming, reading eggs, lego and sewing.  I really want to learn how to play tennis too.

I struggle when people give me praise but I am slowly learning that this is a nice thing, I was also really worried about lots of things but my worries are getting less as I now trust my foster carers and teachers.  I would like a family that are active, like a joke and rough play and can give me time to learn to trust them.  If you have a dog then I would love that. 

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Sam is a lovely boy full of energy and he has a great smile and laugh.  Sam has had a number of moves between family and foster carers which has lead him to take time to trust people around him.  He has also experienced substance misuse and mental health issues within his birth family.   Since Sam was told he was not returning to his birth family he has really settled down in his placement and at school and is feeling a lot calmer about things and will regularly ask how social workers are getting on with finding him a family.  He is also having some play therapy and this will continue with transitional and life story work into any family he moves to.  Sam needs a family who have lots of time and energy to give him.



Hi there! My name is Michael and I am a 9 month old little boy. My foster carer always tells me I am gorgeous and I think she’s right! My favourite things in the world are playing with my musical toys, jumping in my baby bouncer, and having cuddles & snuggling with my foster carers. I have lived with them since I came out of hospital after being born but they visited me in hospital to get to know me before I lived with them. They had to learn from the doctors how to look after me properly and feed me because I have a special tube in my nose which takes my milk directly into my tummy. My foster carers are really patient and caring and even though I am sometimes really cheeky and pull my tube out, they always make sure it goes back in and give me lots of cuddles afterwards to distract me. Now that I am a big boy, my foster carer says it’s time for me to have big boy food! But, because of my tube I find this really tricky and scary, so the nice lady who talks to us about milk and food says that maybe I will have a tube put into my tummy near my belly button so that things that come near my face don’t scare me as much. Then I can start to enjoy all the yummy food I can smell my foster carer cooking! My social worker says that she is going to find me a forever family to live with because my mummy is too poorly to look after me. I hope she can find me a family who can see me for the happy, excitable and loving boy I am rather than seeing just my tube. Even though I have a tube, I can still do all of the things other babies do. I know on paper my tube might seem scary but I think it’s scarier for me than it is for any of these brave grown-ups.

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We are looking for an adoptive family who will accept Michael for the gorgeous, joyful and sweet natured boy that he is, despite the presence of his tube. We know that his tube feeding might feel overwhelming to adopters but anyone who meets Michael always says that in person he is just like any other baby they have met. We are looking for a family who will be accepting of his additional needs, willing to deal with a level of uncertainty for Michael’s future needs and have the time to take him to relevant hospital appointments. Adopters of all ethnicities and religions will be considered and relevant support would be provided in regards to learning all about Michael’s care needs.



Hi I am Sophie and I am 1 year old. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am told I have an amazing giggle and smile. I love to play and am crawling, bum shuffling and standing with help. I love to play with my toys and working out what they all do. I also love the outdoors and I get excited when I see the ducks. Bath time is also a favourite time of mine and I like to kick and splash in the water and play with my toys. I love nursery rhymes and being sung to. I also like playing with the other children in my home. I am currently trying lots of new foods and will try most things. I love my sleep and have 2 naps and sleep through the night.
I have 3 siblings who I would like to keep in contact with. 2 are with my grandmother and I would like to write to them with your help and one is with adopters and I would like to see her at least once a year.

I would like a parent(s) who can spend lots of time with me, have lots of energy to go on walks and play and who will keep me safe.

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Sophie is a lovely girl with a beautiful smile. Sophie was removed from her birth mother due to drug misuse. Sophie was born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and spent a period of time in hospital, from here she was placed with foster carers. Sophie is settled with her foster carers and displaying good routines and bonds with them. She maintains positive relationships with her foster carers and the other children in placement.
Given Sophie’s experiences in her early life she requires adopters who are willing to give her the time, patience and understanding she needs particularly through the transitional period and early stages of placement. We would like adopters who are happy to maintain a relationship with her foster carers and siblings.


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