Becoming an adoptive parent

5. Families our children need


Always wanted a big family?

We need adopters who can take sibling groups (2 children or more)


Ok to be different?

We need adopters who can care for children with medical needs, enduring conditions and disabilities


Not fond of the baby stage?

We need adopters for children aged 3 to 7 years


Diverse family?

We need adopters who can meet the needs of children who have diverse cultural and ethnic heritage.


Pre-school children

Interested in adopting a child aged 0-4 years but maybe not sure about Fostering for Adoption just yet. We still need adopters for this age group.


Early Permanence (Fostering for Adoption)

Sometimes we need adopters who can also act as foster carers for very young children - this is called Early Permanence (Fostering for Adoption).

Generally, these placements are made when it is considered very unlikely a child will return to their birth parents but legal decisions still have to be made on the best outcome for the child.

You can find out more about this on the First4Adoption website to decide if this is an option for you.


Interested in exploring adoption further? 

Come along to one of our information evenings and then have a chat with a social worker.  If you would like to speak to someone before coming to one of our information evenings, please call 01494 586 349.

If you are unable to reach us on our landline number, please call 07540 310 281 or email


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Last updated: 12 March 2019

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