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Organisations, groups and individuals have an important role in developing the market place and providing services. Clients are looking for greater choice and control as they use their personal budget to purchase their own care and support.

We're very interested in working with local organisations and providers to ensure the right type, quality and amount of provision is in place, particularly as we'll be moving the provision of day services into community settings.


  • The Council will deliver personal and flexible services that people want to purchase with their budget
  • Instead of the Council purchasing services, the individual will purchase the service or activity for themselves
  • More collaboration between different providers 
  • Clear information about service and activity options for people to make informed choices.

People want:

  • More flexible times
  • Shared support services and shared cost
  • More choice of activities
  • Quality care
  • Clear pricing
  • Opportunities to be supported in employment
  • Support to take part in community activities and projects
  • Support to learn independent skills

How providers can meet the challenge:

  • Deliver activities and services more than just Monday to Friday
  • Offer activities that have a purpose
  • Activities that enable people to be in an ordinary place and do things that most members of the community can do
  • Enable people to do things that are right for them personally
  • Make sure people receive support that meets their individual and specific requirements and overcomes inequalities
  • Provide activities for clients to meet other local people, develop friendships, connections and a sense of belonging

Market position statements

The Council has a responsibility to develop a diverse and sustainable market of service providers that can provide people with high quality personalised care and support, regardless of who pays for their care.

We do this through commissioning quality services that focus on wellbeing and through other interventions such as supporting innovative projects with grant funding.

Our approach is to ensure that people have a choice as to how their needs are met, with an emphasis on prevention, enablement, reducing loneliness and social isolation, and promoting independence as ways of achieving and exceeding people's desired outcomes.

Our general market position statement contains information on needs, demand and trends in the local care market and sets out our policy and strategy in further detail.

There is also a separate statement on provision of specialist housing for vulnerable adults.

You can download our position statements below from our policy and strategy page.

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