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Last updated: 09 November 2021

Our policies and statements

Our policies govern the council's provision of adult social care. These formal statements have been agreed by councillors following due process, and the council has a duty to comply with them.


Safeguarding adults policy

The safeguarding adults at risk policy is a multi-agency commitment of organisations in Buckinghamshire to work together to safeguard adults at risk of harm as a result of abuse or neglect. Although the responsibility for the coordination of these arrangements lies with us, the implementation of this policy is a collaborative responsibility, with multi-agency procedures centred on the individual adult.


Assessing needs policy

The assessing and supporting your needs policy sets out the framework for assessment and review of a person's care needs. It covers the support planning phase and how we ensure that it fulfils its duty to meet each person's eligible assessed needs.


Charging policies

The charging policy for Residential Services and the Charging Policy for Non-Residential Services detail the financial assessment criteria used to determine whether someone's circumstances entitle them to financial support from us towards the cost of their care. The Charging Policy for Residential Services also sets out the conditions under which the council will make a loan to a person with property assets under a deferred payment agreement for the purpose of paying for their residential or nursing accommodation.


Direct payment policy

The direct payment policy provides detailed information on how a person entitled to a financial contribution by us towards the cost of their care may receive this through a direct payment, allowing them to select and pay for the care that most suits their own personal needs.


Moving between areas policy

The moving between areas policy sets out the procedures that are followed to determine whether a person with eligible needs is a resident of Buckinghamshire, and to ensure continuity of care for people moving into or out of the county.


Market position statements (MPS)

The council has a responsibility to develop a diverse and sustainable market of service providers that can provide people with high quality, personalised care and support - regardless of who pays for their care.

We do this through commissioning quality services that focus on wellbeing, and through other interventions such as supporting innovative projects with grant funding.

Our approach is to ensure that people have a choice as to how their needs are met, with an emphasis on prevention, enablement, reducing loneliness and social isolation, and promoting independence as ways of achieving and exceeding people's desired outcomes.

Our general market position statement contains information on needs, demand and trends in the local care market, and sets out our policy and strategy in further detail.

The Market Position Statement is the start, not the end point, of how Buckinghamshire Council and the NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) engages with providers around key areas of transformation across health and social care.

MPS prevention 

This focuses on prevention and early help, supporting people to live as independently as possible. Either in their own homes or in a community setting. The key aim is to reduce the need for more formal or specialist health and social care support.

Market Position Statement Prevention, Early Help and supporting people  at community level 2018

MPS housing

This focuses on housing and accommodation for children and adults with care and support needs. It aims to help people to live as independently as possible. Either  in their own homes or a community setting. This can help reduce the need for more formal or specialist health and social care support.

MPS for Housing and Accommodation Solutions for People with Care and support needs 2018

MPS technology

The MPS for technology is about helping people to stay connected and independent. It focuses on technology solutions for children and adults with care and support needs. The aim is that we will enable people to live as independently as possible in their own homes or within a community setting and in so doing, reduce the need for more formal, specialist health and social care support.

MPS Technology - enabling people to stay connected and stay independent 2018-2022


Joint commissioning strategies

Some of our services for vulnerable adults are jointly commissioned, with the involvement of different council services, the NHS, and other agencies. Joint commissioning strategies set out the needs situation in Buckinghamshire and how the different organisations come together to provide relevant services.

Joint autism strategy (2015-2018)

Adult mental health commissioning strategy (2015-2018)

Carers strategy 2015 to 2019


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