Recovery and growth proposal

The Buckinghamshire Growth Board has shared its recently agreed highly ambitious recovery and growth proposal with central government. The proposal outlines the strategic opportunities and potential for Buckinghamshire to help the UK bounce back and accelerate its recovery following COVID-19 and the lockdowns. It is framed around three themes:

  1. Places
  2. High-Tech Sectors
  3. Skills

each with priorities that will deliver on local and national ambitions.

Discussions are now progressing with major stakeholders including central government and key partners about the proposals outlined; these include:

Recovering our levels of productivity

Proposing to grow our high-tech sectors, invest in infrastructure, front-load the building of carbon-neutral houses (on existing targets) and improve skills levels.

Repurposing and creating quality, low-carbon, healthy and connected communities

Proposing to create a Housing Investment Fund and Board that prioritises affordable, sustainable and carbon-neutral housing. The proposal also includes developing innovative approaches to using public land and introducing living environments that focus on overcoming inequalities and improving health outcomes.

Mobilising our distinctive and internationally recognised economic assets and strengths

Offering to strengthen global Britain’s position at the forefront of innovation and future growth sectors such as space, creative and digital, high-performance tech and Medtech.

Creating an accelerated skills delivery system

Propose to use our unique integrated partnerships to be a testbed for the development of rapid pathways into careers for the future and explore improvements to the local skills delivery system.

Accelerating investment and unlocking opportunity

Proposals outline the potential to enhance local infrastructure by efficiently and effectively delivering identified priorities. This investment would also provide a catalyst for private sector investment in Buckinghamshire.

Improving our digital connectivity and capabilities

Proposing to overcome the barriers to digital success and enable Buckinghamshire to become a fully connected county with every premise connected to gigabit-capable broadband.

To read our full proposal, download ‘Succeeding as a place, succeeding as a country: A scalable Buckinghamshire proposition to accelerate UK recovery’


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