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Fostering Friendly

Join Bucks’ biggest family - become a Fostering Friendly employer

Help us support Buckinghamshire’s looked after children

We are a Fostering Friendly employer and we want to encourage other organisations and businesses in Buckinghamshire to join us - supporting and encouraging others to foster and to care for our looked after children.

Our foster carers play an important role in supporting these children to live happy, healthy lives. A supportive and flexible local employer will enable foster carers to balance their work and caring responsibilities to meet the needs of children they care for.

What is a Fostering Friendly employer?

As a Fostering Friendly organisation you are making a commitment:

  • supporting staff who are, or seek to be, foster carers
  • supporting our campaign by promoting fostering through your organisation and networks (such as displaying some of our publicity) and support Foster Care Fortnight and other fostering campaigns, to raise the profile of fostering in Buckinghamshire.

The benefits to your company:

  • Increase your reputation - let everyone know that you are an organisation who looks after their staff; let the people of Buckinghamshire, current and future foster carers and our looked after children know that you care
  • Increased staff morale and promoting a good work life balance
  • Use of Fostering Friendly employer branding on recruitment material
  • If someone is a foster carer or thinking about it and knows you are Fostering Friendly you may attract new employees

We will:

  • List you on our website as a Fostering Friendly employer
  • Publicise your membership on our website, to our staff and through our social media channels
  • Publicise your services at the Annual Fostering Award Ceremony
  • Provide support and advice to employees considering fostering
  • Provide parenting events and seminars where sufficient groups of staff would be interested.


We need more local foster carers, and being a Fostering Friendly county will help us to do this.

There are already many businesses in Buckinghamshire who are Fostering Friendly including Tesco, Asda, Boots, Sainsburys and the Marlow 4U group of churches. You can find a full list of Fostering Friendly organisations by emailing the Fostering Network: 

Want to find out more about becoming a Fostering Friendly employer or Fostering Friendly business contact us by email: or by phone: 01296 382444

The Fostering Friendly employer scheme is run by the Fostering Network. You can find more information on their website.


Fostering Friendly case study – 4U, Marlow

4U is a team of churches in Marlow. They first decided to become Fostering Friendly when one of their staff members announced that she was interested in applying to become a foster carer.

Team Rector Dave Bull explained: “As part of ongoing discussions with her it became clear she would need to take a large proportion of her annual leave entitlement in order to attend the required training, assessment and review days. We therefore decided to develop a policy for foster carers that would give them additional paid leave that could be used during the approval process and during foster placements.”

The organisation found the process simple and straightforward to implement. Both the foster carer staff member and the organisation are now reaping the benefits, as Revd Bull explained: “The most obvious benefit to becoming Fostering Friendly is that it allows us to retain valued employees who might otherwise have been thinking about leaving the organisation in order to become foster carers. We are hoping that the policy we have developed will enable foster carers to balance their jobs with their fostering commitments.

Revd Bull continued: “We believe that foster carers do an amazing job and can really change lives. We therefore wanted to encourage and support those employees who are, or who wish to become approved foster carers. We’re keen that employees should not have to choose between their job and being a foster carer – we wanted to help them be able to do both.”

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