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Civil weddings

6. Giving notice of marriage

To give notice of marriage, you need to make an appointment at the register office in the district in which you live.

If you live in Buckinghamshire, please book your appointment.

Book your appointment

If you live outside Buckinghamshire and would like details of your local office, you should be able to find it online or via your local Council.


You will each pay a non-refundable booking fee when reserving the date and time of your appointment. Once you attend, the booking fee will be transferred across to pay for your 'Notice' in full. You can change the date or time of your appointment up until 1 week beforehand.

Any changes within one week of your appointment are subject to an amendment fee. If you cancel your appointment at any time or do not attend your appointment, you will lose your booking fee and will have to pay again. Please see our Fees page for information on all costs.

What we need to know

When you give notice, the Registrar will ask questions about you and your partner. You and your partner will be asked for information including your full names and addresses, date of birth, occupation and nationality.

We will ask you about your previous marital status. We will also need to know the name of the venue for your forthcoming wedding. Please bring your booking confirmation letter with you.

Documents you need to provide

You will need to provide the following documents when giving Notice, please see the prescribed list below.

For each partner you will need to bring original documents, photocopies will not be accepted under any circumstances.

A valid UK Passport. If you do not have a valid UK passport and you are a British Citizen born BEFORE 1st January 1983, you will need to bring your birth certificate showing your parents’ names plus one other form of identification such as a photo driving licence showing your current name.

If you do not have a valid UK passport and you are a British Citizen born on or AFTER 1st January 1983, you still need to bring your birth certificate, showing your parents’ names as above plus evidence that your parents are British.

If you are an EEA citizen or a Swiss national, please bring a valid passport or a valid National ID card.


The following is applicable to all parties

Please note that it is a legal requirement for you to bring the following documents.

Proof of address for each party to be one of the following:

  • Utility bill that is not older than three months
  • Bank/Building Society statement not older than one month (online statements showing address are acceptable but must be printed)
  • Most recent Council Tax Bill
  • Valid UK driving licence (including provisional) with current address
  • Letter signed by the owner or proprietor who is able to confirm the address and period of residence of the relevant party and proof that the owner and proprietor lives there, for example a utility bill. This should be dated within one month of the notice
  • Current mortgage statement dated within one year or current tenancy agreement, signed and dated.

If you have been in a marriage or civil partnership previously, you will need to prove that you are free to marry. To do this you will need to bring your original decree absolute or civil partnership dissolution with the court stamp and an English translation if applicable. If the names you are using are different from the names on your documents you must provide evidence to link the names, e.g. a marriage/civil partnership certificate, change of name deed showing the names that link to the marriage.

If applicable, a death certificate with a marriage certificate in order that we can link your names.

Also, if you have used any other names you will need to show us your Deed Poll or Change of Name Deed.

Failure to provide this ID may result in your notice not being able to be taken and the loss of your fee.

Consent Form

If you are under the age of 18, please ring us for advice.


You and your partner must have lived in England or Wales for nine days - one day travelling, seven clear days residency, we can then take notice on the ninth day. It does not matter if either of you then moves to a different address after you have given notice.

The Registrar will tell you when your Certificate for Marriage will be issued.

Once you have given notice the soonest you can marry is after 28 days and the notice is valid for 1 year from the date that you give notice.

Foreign nationals

If you are not a British or EEA citizen, please get in contact with us.

Certificate of No Impediment

If you are getting married abroad and need a Certificate of No Impediment this page gives further details.
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Last updated: 8 May 2018

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