Citizenship ceremonies

6/23/2021 12:11:00 PM

Citizenship ceremonies are the final step in the process for people who have been successful in gaining British citizenship.

Successful applicants will receive two letters from the Home Office:

  • Decision Letter
  • Ceremony Invitation letter

The Home office will send your Ceremony Invitation Letter to you and will send your Certificate of Naturalisation to us.  We can then book you into a Citizenship Ceremony.

You may have to wait up to six months after your Decision Letter to receive your Ceremony Invitation Letter. The deadline date to attend a ceremony has been extended by three months, so you now have six months to attend a ceremony.

Successful applicants aged 18 or over have to take part in a ceremony where they swear or affirm their Allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen and pledge loyalty to the United Kingdom. It is a way of formally welcoming new citizens into our community. 


Group ceremonies

Due to the current restrictions, you are required to attend the ceremony alone.  Guests cannot attend with you and children and babies are not allowed into our council buildings.  You will collect your child’s certificate on their behalf, if this is applicable. 

Capacity is very limited and only those legally required to attend are allowed in our offices.  If you bring guests with you, they will be asked to wait outside the building.  Health and safety provision is crucial in these challenging times.

Ceremonies last 20 minutes and take place in one of our offices in Buckinghamshire. Please arrive ten minutes before the ceremony starts to register your details with a member of our staff.

You will be required to wear a mask or face covering; if you do not have your own one will be provided to you on arrival at the office. 

The ceremony is conducted by a Registrar. This is what happens:

  • at the start, the Registrar welcomes everyone
  • you take the Oath/Affirmation and Pledge of Allegiance. You swear or affirm your allegiance depending on your personal wishes or religious belief 
  • you are presented with a Certificate of Naturalisation and welcome pack
  • there are photographic opportunities
  • everyone stands for the National Anthem

You will need to bring these documents to the ceremony:

  • Citizenship Ceremony Invitation provided by UKVI (letter or email format can be accepted)
  • Photographic ID (Passport / Travel Document / Driving licence / Biometric Residence Permit card).

If you do not have both of these documents, you will not be able to attend the Citizenship Ceremony.


Virtual ceremonies

When government restrictions are in place, we will conduct your citizenship ceremony virtually using Microsoft Teams.

We need you to be in an appropriate setting indoors, somewhere quiet where you can focus on the ceremony. During your ceremony you will need to show both your Photo ID and your Ceremony Invitation Letter to the camera. This so that the Registrar can check the details. You will also need to either Affirm or Swear the Oath of Allegiance.

Important Information

You must be inside the UK to attend a virtual ceremony. If you are outside the UK, we will rearrange your appointment for when you return.

You will need to have these documents ready and show them both to the camera so that the Registrar can check the details:

  • Citizenship Ceremony Invitation provided by UKVI (letter or email format can be accepted)
  • Photographic ID (Passport / Travel Document / Driving licence / Biometric Residence Permit card).

If you do not provide both the letter and photo ID, we will not be able to continue with the virtual ceremony.

We will send the naturalisation certificate to you at the address given to us by the Home Office. It will be sent by special delivery within five working days of your Virtual Ceremony. We will also post any certificates for children where applicable.

We can only send your certificate(s) to the address provided to us by the Home Office. If you have moved, you will need to inform the Home Office.


Booking your ceremony

To book your citizenship ceremony please email us:


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