Statement - The proposed restoration of Thorney Park, Iver.


Commenting on the early discussions that have taken place, Cabinet Member for Resources, John Chilver said his aim was to develop restoration options for the Park that were commercially beneficial, but that also provided improvements and long-term benefits to Iver residents of all ages. 

He said: 'The Cabinet and I are clear on what we want to see developed, as we set out in our decision earlier in the year. We are also aware of potential demand for the site from others including Heathrow.

'Our decision focused on the potential benefits of a restoration. This included the opportunity to generate much needed extra income for the Council and its services, the chance to ensure the site is both restored and improved for the enjoyment of future generations and to make sure local people can be fully engaged in all aspects as plans progress.

'As part of my responsibilities, I have a duty to make sure all Council assets are used effectively and where possible can provide valuable new income streams. This means continuing with the status quo at Thorney Park was simply not an option and I hope local residents can understand the reasons.

'In saying that, I want to provide reassurance to local people that we are fully committed to working together to get a scheme that works for everyone. We are at the very early stages of seeing what is possible and the new Community Forum, which met for the first time recently, is an important part of making sure this happens.

'Obviously, absolutely nothing has been agreed and we need open and frank dialogue to test, evaluate and assess possible options. However, from the Council's perspective, I can state that any restoration plan will need to demonstrate how it will improve the site and retain a lake facility.  

'Of course, all final proposals will need to be presented as part of a detailed planning application to the independent Development Control Committee.  There will also need to be a comprehensive assessment by the Environment Agency.'

To read the Cabinet decision visit:

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