Smart work by road team blitzed village repairs


A two night road closure through Waddesdon village successfully blitzed more than 30 highway repairs last week. In a co-ordinated operation a team of 12 from Transport for Buckinghamshire:

  • Patched 13 areas of surface defects and potholes
  • Replaced 16 bollards
  • Installed new pedestrian railings to replace a damaged barrier
  • Replaced two manhole covers
  • Cleaned all the bollards along Aylesbury Road

In addition damaged refuge islands were repaired, and white lines were repainted through the village. While work went on, through traffic between Aylesbury and Bicester was diverted via Thame and Long Crendon.

Paul Irwin, Buckinghamshire County Council's Deputy Transport Cabinet Member (pictured)said: "This was a really important operation, which we could have done during the day, but it would have taken several weeks and caused disruption for residents, for businesses and for motorists.

"We wanted to do all this work in the shortest possible time, to minimise inconvenience, and I appreciate noise was a problem at times, for which I apologise.

"As a result, the road through the village is safer and more secure, and I'm grateful to the team for carrying out the huge operation on time."

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