Improvements made to VMS Signs across High Wycombe


Drivers in High Wycombe will have noticed that the Variable Message Signs (VMS) for car parks in and around the town are now giving out accurate information about parking spaces.

The new and refurbished signs went live in the middle of December and were part of a six week project undertaken by Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB).  The project cost £32,000 and was paid for by funds collected from developers to help address traffic issues. The signs will now be able to display real time spaces for the majority of the car parks around High Wycombe. 

The previous car park guidance systems were old and unable to be maintained cost effectively, so had fallen into disrepair. Therefore, a maintenance contract has also been funded to keep the signs working for at least the next two years. TfB have online access to be able to remotely control the signs and the messages they display.  

There are six of these signs around the town along major transport routes. An entirely new communication system has been implemented, which improves how the systems communicate with the surrounding car parks. This change in technology is much more economic to maintain and has increased the intelligence of the systems in use.

Mark Shaw, Cabinet Member for Transportation and Deputy Leader of Buckinghamshire County Council said “The newly-working signs will have a positive impact on local traffic by informing and directing vehicles to car parks with spaces available. This will reduce time spent searching for parking spaces, reducing overall travel. It will also allow drivers to be better informed about parking availability in and around High Wycombe.”

TfB worked closely with their supply chain partner, Swarco, and the car-park operators to complete this project. It is hoped that this is only the start, as there are future opportunities with the new technology that can be applied to car parks and various businesses on a wider scale.

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