The Human Library comes to High Wycombe Library


Buckinghamshire Libraries with Wycombe Wanderers Football Club have teamed up with the Human Library™ , an international organisation and movement, to hold an event in High Wycombe Library on Saturday 2 April.

What is the Human Library™?
The Human Library™ is a collection of individual human beings, drawn from different minority or marginalised groups in our community, that have somehow been exposed to stigma, misunderstanding or discrimination.

How do the events work?
Each Human Library™ event is designed to facilitate interactions that challenge stereotypes and prejudice through conversation. During each 30 minute conversation, members of the public as ‘readers’ can access, encounter and engage with the life stories of each human ‘book’, by asking questions and by listening to the answers.

Visit The Human Library at High Wycombe Library for further event details.

Call to participate
Buckinghamshire Libraries are looking for people who would be interested in volunteering to become a Human Library book. To be considered for this, individuals should have been exposed to stereotypes, stigma or discrimination due to: religious beliefs, sexuality or gender, ethnicity, occupation, lifestyle, social status, political conviction and health and disability related topics.

If you would like to become a Human Library book, please visit The Human Library's - How to get published in The Human Library or contact High Wycombe Library at

For more information about the Human Library™ see

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