Foster with Bucks Celebrates LGBTQ+ Fostering and Adoption Week

You may have thought about fostering - or perhaps it's never even crossed your mind. 

But it really is worth stopping and thinking. There are children in your own community who need a foster family to take care of them. Could you offer a child in your local area a home so they can stay in their own school and among their friends?

It might be that you think you wouldn't be eligible for fostering. Well, you can probably think again! Being single, gay, unemployed or having recovered from a mental health issue - none of these factors will stop you applying to foster. 

Meet Zain, one of our young people awaiting a long term fostering placement…

Hey - my name is Zain and I’m 13.

I love cats, Manga cartoons, photography and cheese - literally as much as I can get my hands on! Vegetables, hmm, not so much...

I make my own Tik Tok clips and like meeting up with my friends at milkshake bars, or playing board games and going on road trips with my current carers. Every week I go to swim club and am pretty good at doing voices or anything to do with performing. 

I’m doing well in school and I really like my lessons, learning new facts is cool. Last year I asked to be put into care because I was too afraid to go home anymore.

Life is kind of complicated for me right now as, like most teenagers, I’m just trying to be comfortable in my own skin. But it’s not easy. I am exploring my own gender identity and sexuality. Sometimes when I think about my family, I can feel quite overwhelmed.  Self-harm makes everything seem more under control. I could really use a mentor who can guide me as I explore these issues. I hope they can respect my alternative spirituality beliefs like I would their own.

We offer excellent allowances plus a network of support and full training. We have a wealth of training courses for our foster carers, from first aid, to e-safety awareness to how to support a child with an eating disorder and many more topics like these. 

Most carers will get an immediate placement after they’ve been through the assessment process.

Foster carers take children for both long and short term periods, and becoming a foster carer means becoming part of our fostering community where you will be welcomed and supported.

We run monthly informal information events where you can find out more about all of this on a no-obligation basis - why not come along to find out more?

To help a child like Zain, get in touch to hear with us at or via our fostering enquiry form. You can also call us on 0800 160 1900.

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