Eat Well, Move More and Get Cooking this Autumn

Modern life can mean our families are a lot less active and a lot more likely to eat food that isn’t good for them.

Change 4 Life  is a great website that can help your family to be healthier and happier, by providing healthy eating tips, quick and easy family recipes, fun activities for kids, offers and lots more!

I’m sure we all remember it well… bringing muffins and pies home from school home economics lessons. Making homemade simple recipes as a child can bring an enormous sense of achievement to young people.

Given this, we are delighted to introduce this new culinary segment to the newsletter. Following our recent partnership with the Bucks Spark team, we thought we would get the ball rolling with a couple of fun recipes that will also help our young people meet their 5 a day target.

Don’t forget to share some photos of the finished products with us.

If you have any healthy and interesting recipe ideas to share that your fostering family has made in the past, please do get in touch with Shannon on as we’d love to feature them in upcoming issues.

Small changes can make a big difference so why not join Change 4 Life now, in time for Autumn, to receive regular information and join the 4 million families who have already signed up If you’re looking for a great activity or hobby idea for your young person then look no further! Active Bucks are offering Activities including aerobics, gym, swimming, dance, martial arts, badminton, tennis, and yoga just to mention a few. Find out more here:

Happy cooking and bon appetite!

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