A note from our fostering team manager as we come into autumn

As Autumn 2019 arrived, the fostering team have constantly been remarking that it’s incredible how quickly an exciting Summer of progress can fly by. With so many exciting changes taking place in the department, it’s no surprise that 2019 seems to be whizzing by in such a whirlwind.

Taking a moment to reflect on where we set out to be at the beginning of this year, and surveying the progress we’ve made thus far in the past months, I’m delighted to report we have exceeded the somewhat lofty goals we had set for ourselves in the New Year.

Currently we have 18 foster carer applicants going through assessment, with an additional healthy number of applicants getting in touch and requesting initial visits. A busy event schedule and team work has been propelled by the support of so many of you, volunteering to help us create video interviews and act as our trusted ambassadors at key locations across Buckinghamshire.

Thank you all!

With Foster Web now officially launched and the expenses app almost ready to be unveiled, we are excited to be welcoming in a new era of fostering with Bucks. We were delighted to see those of you who could make it at our special awards event and are happy to be celebrating our fostering families’ birth children throughout Sons’ and Daughters’ month. Before we know it, we will be joining you for bowling, food platters and more at our annual Christmas party!

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