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  • Buckinghamshire's earliest serial killers?

    Of all the killers who have stalked Buckinghamshire's streets in the past, perhaps the most prolific were the Jarmans of Colnbrook. Responsible for perhaps 60 victims, Halloween seems an apt time to examine their crimes...

  • Christmas 1662 - 'carnal and sensual delights' return

    1662 was two years since the restoration of Charles II, whose reign was a stark contrast to the Puritanism of the Interregnum.  This account of Christmas at Salden shows the return of a more joyful Christmas than the day of sober reflection encouraged by the Puritans.

  • Justice and Pestilence in Tudor and Stuart Buckinghamshire

    The parish registers are fascinating sources of family history evidence but also include much more. The registers from Little Brickhill are a prime example. They include a range of evidence of disease hitting the parish as well as the exercise of justice at the Assize court.

  • Deserters and Broadsides - The Chesapeake-Leopard affair

    Tension between the new United States of America and Great Britain in the late 18th century would boil over into war in 1812. Desertion from the Royal Navy would be a key area of conflict; as embodied by the Chesapeake-Leopard affair. Here we look at the role of the Leopard's Captain, Salusbury Price Humphreys of Weedon.

  • A gift for the High Sheriff.

    Most of our deeds deal with transfer of property but this unusual example instead assigns people - the convicts in the County Gaol. Their care was the responsibility of the High Sherriff. Here we discuss the prisoners' transfer from the old High Sherriff to the new.

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